Friday, November 19, 2010

Idle Time

The above verse is now hanging directly above my kitchen sink.  You know, for when I am tempted to leave the dishes right where they are instead of taking 15 minutes to unload and load the dishwasher each night.

Here's the kicker, though, it is also posted directly above my computer screen.  Yuck.  I love my computer time.  It is my window to that world out there beyond my four walls, my neighborhood, this town.  It also contributes to my idle time more than anything else.  Back in high school, my mom had a bible verse posted right inside the televesion armoire in the living room, so that we would see it every time we wanted to turn on the television.  I can't remember the exact verse--something about keeping our eyes pure, I think.  And I also remember finding a bible verse on modesty hanging in my closet--ha:)  I wasn't thrilled about those reminders back then--I was 16 after all and wanted to watch wanted I wanted to watch and wear what I wanted to wear and somehow separate those things from what the Bible had to say.  Thankfully, my mom was thinking about those things for me.  All of that to say, that I am bound and determined (and praying about it a lot) to figure out how to run this household in a God-glorifying way.  This verse is helping tons.  Instead of focusing on what all needs to be done, I am simply focusing on how I am spending my time.  If I am spending my time well, and the house is a mess at the end of the day--so be it.  If I have wasted much time in the day, and as a result the house is a mess, then I know it wasn't a God-honoring day.  This is the job he has given me.  I want to do it well. 

So, if the blog seems quiet, that is why.  I should add that I have the slowest computer known to man, so my computer time probably equals more idle time than the average joe.  Even tonight as I attempted to blog this, I got up and did things around the kitchen while I waited for different things to load. 

I have been reflecting on the past year A LOT, since it is coming to a close, and I am attempting to change a few things as the new year approaches.  I don't want the pressure of a New Year's resolution, so I am starting mid-November.  And besides, I think biblical, prayerful, self-evaluation is good any time. 

Plus, these kiddos are keeping me busy, busy, busy.  John is so much fun these days.  I can't get over the change in him, and I am soaking it up.  I am thankful to be finding much joy in motherhood lately (mixed in with frustration--OF COURSE).  I have had seasons that were less joyful, so praise the Lord for this easier time. 


Jessica said...

a great reminder for the idea of posting the verse on the computer...awesome. Love too how your mom posted verses for you also when you were young...I need to store that one away. great post.

shannon said...

This is my heart, too! Loved the post & the reminders and the verse. That verse needs to go in my laundry room - give me dishes over laundry any day!

Ashley Turnbull said...

I am with you on the computer stuff - man, it eats my time alive. I try to set small goals and have a few things done before rewarding myself w/ laptop time. There's got to be a balance, right?!

In light of that comment, I am shutting "her" down now and heading off to do something :-)

Jess said...

thank you for reminding me to just be aware of where my time goes!! I am hanging this verse NOW.