Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

I was at Target tonight returning some boots,  (I have the hardest time finding boots that are the right height for my short legs.  Especially at a price I can afford...okay, back to the subject at hand), and I decided to check out the Halloween clearance section.  I was hoping to find some fall decorations marked waaaay down.  Well, things were 50% off, but I know that Target will go lower than that, so I am holding out.  Anyway, the Halloween costumes are also marked 50% off.  It took some searching through what appeared to be junk, but I did find a little pink princess costume for Ada for 3.50!!!  I am sticking that in the closet, and marking it off the Christmas gift list.  The true Disney princess costumes were still more than I wanted to spend, but I predict the price will go even lower, and I hope to buy a few more costumes for Ada and for other gifts--little girl birthday parties, etc. etc.  Just throwing it out there for any other moms of little girls who love to dress up as much as Ada does!!!

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