Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alternative to the Grocery Game

okay, so, I obviously need to get off the computer and stop blogging. I think this is my fourth post in 2 days. A little excessive, I think.

But, several people have been asking me about the Grocery Game and where to find the best deals, and I realized that I had forgotten about a WONDERFUL resource, The Coupon Mom.

The Coupon Mom was on the Today Show this morning, so I decided I needed to go to her website because I had not been there in a while. Way back when I first started couponing, I downloaded and printed her E-book, How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. If you are brand new to couponing, that is an incredibly helpful explanation of how to do this whole thing.

But best of all, she has lists that match sales to coupons for all stores (including Target, which is not on Grocery Game), and you can access them for free. For whatever reason, I completely forgot about her website, but there is a huge possibility that I will start using her site instead of the Grocery Game, if I find that it is just as helpful. Best of all--it's free, and you can access as many lists as you want.

Check it out. Seriously. Ya'll, since I started matching coupons to sales (thanks to the Grocery Game and hopefully now the Coupon Mom), my grocery budget has gone from 100 a week to 50 a week. That is 200.00 saved a month!!!

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