Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Motherhood Rite of Passage and other tales from the past two days

Watching a train pass by at the old Train Station in downtown Evergreen, AL.

Sunday morning playing in the yard before church.

Above are two photographs from the weekend visit to Evergreen. My mother took so many pictures, and she will soon be posting them to her blog, so I only stole two to post on here.
Yesterday we travelled home, and we stopped in Auburn for lunch with my youngest sister Kate. The thought of Big Blue Bagel and College Street on a beautiful fall day was enough to keep me going through two hours of non-stop fuss coming from the back seat. I will post more about our lunch in Auburn later once Kate sends me the pictures that she took while we were there.
I will say this, the visit ended badly when I was pulled over for the very first time in my life!!!! I turned right at a light where there was a huge sign that said, "Do not turn right on red." I turned right, and pulled out in front of a cop. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And then had to turn in to the police station to pull over. He had mercy on me, though, and let me go without a ticket. He did give me several lectures about driving carefully for the safety of my daughter though. The dollar signs were flashing in my head as I waited on the verdict, so I was more than thankful when he let me go with just a warning.
My second rite of passage happened today in the parking lot of Target. I was deep in thought, not paying attention to the back seat, when I heard a strange liquid-like sound. Sorry for the details, but really, I need to record this. I turned around to find hot pink throw up coming out of Ada's mouth. And it just kept coming. I have never dealt with this, ya'll. Little baby spit up that is cleaned up with a burp cloth yes, great volumes of adult style throw up, no. The hot pink was due to the Crystal Light she drank this morning. We were out of juice, and so I made do with what we had. Oh did that Crystal Light come back to haunt me. It was a cold, gray day, and nevertheless I had to strip her down to her diaper right there in the parking lot, and use her clothes to soak up as much throw up as possible. I put her back in her car seat, still covered in throw up, and we drove home where we headed straight for the bath tub. She seems to feel okay now. But the throw up came after a three hour nap. And after three hours, I woke her up because I was slightly concerned. I am excited when she sleeps for an hour and a half, so I am guessing that she is suffering from some type of virus, and I am praying that it passes quickly and without affecting Scott and me. We'll see, I suppose. So far, so good.
And that is our day. There is always something new and exciting to experience in the land of motherhood.
p.s. Blogger is refusing to let me break this into paragraphs. It is driving me CRAZY, but apparently I just have to let it go. So excuse the run-on post. I hope it is still readable.


Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

You're so funny Laura Beth..probably just didn't settle on her stomach..yeah..we are forced now to give Brylee dramamine..before traveling a far distance due to several car sick episodes..and trust me it is no fun riding in throw up for hours! LOL..there have been times that one of us would get in the back with her and she would end up throwing up on us..and we would stop and change clothes outside the car! It never affected her until she was about 2..then it began! Now, she goes to sleep and seems to do fine..hope she feels better!!!!

Lindsay said...

well, congrats to you for going this long without getting pulled over, and even still with no ticket! I was the same way until last year!! And poor Ada! I hope she feels better soon, and I hope that doesn't ruin the color pink for you! See you guys soon!

Kate Rhodes said...

laura beth, i tried sending you pictures tonight and had alot uploaded, then left it for a while when my fellowship group began and they were lost. so tried to start over, and it wouldn't let me upload them. so, i will try again tomorrow. i am so sorry that the trip didn't end as well as it began!

jane said...

just wash those hands-- its the diapers that spread the throw-up virus :-(