Wednesday, November 19, 2008


First of all, please read this post over at Girl Talk: Biblical Womanhood in light of what I posted below. It was just the encouragement that I needed today. Thank you, Lord!!!

And, thank you, Lord--Ada is well into the second hour of her nap, working on the third hour. Just what we both needed I think.

This Grace--all that it asks, it provides.

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ann said...

That is really good. I can so see Ada smiling and doing it anyway and it makes me smile/laugh! I'm sure her curls are bouncing as she runs. (I know it's not so funny or cute when you've done it a thousand times) You're right about the amnesia, you just get up and start all over. BTW-threw up really hard as soon as we got off the phone. (Yes, that's right-still throwing up in my last trimester) I felt really bad for a couple of hours, but now it seems to have gone away.

*This might make you smile-right now Luke is running around in one ballet slipper, a t-shirt, a ball cap, and a smelly dirty diaper that he does not want me to change