Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CVS has outdone themselves

This is my first Black Friday of playing the CVS game, and I am overwhelmed by the deals. Have you checked out the ECB deals for Thursday-Sunday? It's blowing my mind.

Here is what is on my list of free items after ECBs.

Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner (limit of 2)--2.99
Bic Soleil Razor (limit of 3)--5.99
Johnson's Soft Lotion (limit of 1)--5.69
Covergirl Liquid Makeup (limit of 1)--7.99
CG Powder Makeup (limit of 1)--5.99
Maybelline Mineral Foundation (limit of 1)--8.99
Loreal Lip Gloss (limit of 1)--6.99
Gatorade (limit of 3)--1.49
Colgate toothpaste (limit of 2)--2.99

All of the above generates the same amount in ECBs that you pay. Which means, that combined with coupons, CVS is paying you to shop. I love it. I haven't figured out the combination of transactions that I plan to do yet, but I am excited about the prospects. What deals are you looking forward to on Black Friday?

p.s. We are searching for the Fisher Price laugh and learn house and any ride on toy for Ada's Christmas. Let me know if anyone is having a particularly good deal on these the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks!


Ashley said...

LB, I plan on doing CVS Thursday as well. I have my list all done up and coupons attached (most everything on my list has coupons to go with it). A couple of other items that will be free or cheap w/ the coupons:
Sally Hensen nail growth
Hershey's king size bars

There's also a $5/30 floating on the internet if you can grab it.

Finally, I plan to buy the AMEX gift any three (3) and get $10 bucks and $15 gas card. I will do three $25 cards...I can use those anywhere!!! So, again, I am profiting here.

Let us know your transactions when you get them...

Tutti said...

i am so excited to shop cvs this weekend, except that i don't have coupons, so i will just be getting things free. i'm thankful for for you and all your saving insights!