Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something worth reading...

I have purposefully not mentioned anything political during the last few months. I am simply not qualified to discuss these issues. I enjoy hearing the opinions of those I trust, but I am not one to give my opinion for all the world to read because I would quickly be put in my place with no way to respond.

All of that to say...that I did think this was worth passing on. I saw the link on Girltalk: Biblical Womanhood. I read the article, and I find it extremely helpful in knowing what we as christians need to do now that the election is over, however we voted.

Read if you wish. I personally think it's worth your time.


Milla said...

Thanks, LB! I really really loved reading that. I have been very "over" all of this, but posts like that are definitely worth taking the time to read over a few times!

ann said...

Sorry to be such a copycat, but I stole this article and put it on my blog. Gave you credit, though. Just thought it was so good and God really has been convicting my heart on the attitude I have towards everything. And I wanted as many to read it as possible.