Monday, November 10, 2008

MIA for a few days

Ada and I have "escaped" to South Alabama for a few days for a long overdue visit with my mom's extended family. My Grandmother, like me, was one of four girls, and all of these "girls" spent the majority of their lives living in the same town. Now that it is 2008, only two of the four sisters are still alive, and Ada had yet to meet them. So, along with my mom and Ann and the cousins, we are staying with my aunt, Mary Ann (my mom's sister), and taking it easy for a few days. This town makes Scottboro look like a bustling metropolis, so we are certainly living the small town life. Plus, Ada is having fun playing with her cousins. Though there have been several battles among the three. There is just that sinful nature that surfaces among the cousins. A toy has never been so appealing as when one cousin has it, and you want it. Oh dear. But...we are having fun, and I will certainly be back to report on everything when I return. Happy Monday everyone.

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