Sunday, November 30, 2008

So much I want to blog about, but I will start with CVS

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.
Black Friday has come and gone.
Vacation has come and gone.
And we are staring at the start of another normal week, except the Christmas Season has officially begun. And I love the Christmas season!! Because I was out of town, I was too late to sign up for any online tutoring hours, so I am looking at some free evening hours this week, which will be spent cleaning and decorating and transforming this home into a little Winter Wonderland. Or, I will at least be decorating a tree. But before all of that talk, there is much more that I want to share, starting with the fact that I am once again able to take and post pictures, so my blog will be slightly less boring from here on out. Thanks to my friend, Ashley, who has kindly let us borrow a camera until we find the means to purchase one. You will be seeing a lot more of this from now on...

But to be honest, this is what I really want to show you.

I am joining the likes of those who post pictures of their bargains. I just can't help myself. Ann and I felt like it was Christmas morning as we entered CVS on Thursday. We were so excited over the deals just waiting to happen, and happen they did.

Scott and I arrived in Scottsboro late Wednesday night, and after sleeping in a bit and turning the kiddos over to the dads, Ann and I headed over to CVS on Thursday morning. I spent some time before we went figuring out our transactions, but because we were nervous that we would miss out on the Crockpot deal, we decided to wing it a bit, rather than spend any more time figuring transactions out. We knew what we wanted to buy, so we loaded our carts, and then we "set up camp" in an out of the way place near the cash register. Here is how it "went down." I had planned our first transaction, so Ann went first, then I went, and as I paid for my goods, Ann figured out the next transaction. And this is how we continued until everything was paid for. At one point, a customer thought Ann worked at CVS. Not so much, though we might move in if we could. And here is what we bought. For a visual, refer to the picture above.

1st transaction

1 Bic Soleil Razor 5.99
1 Schick Quatro Men's Razor 7.99
1 Colgate Total 2.99
1 Colgate Total 2.99

-3.00 Soleil coupon
-2.00 Quatro coupon
-1.00 Colgate coupon
-1.00 Colgate coupon

=14.76 OOP
received total of 17.97 in ECBs

2nd Transaction
1 Crockpot 19.99
1 Aussie Hair spray 2.99
1 Aussie gel 2.99

-2 1.00 Aussie coupons
-5.99 ECBs
-7.99 ECBs
-9.00 ECBs

=1.26 OOP
received 15.98 ECBs

3rd Transaction

1 Maybelline Mineral liquid makeup 8.99
1 Covergirl liquid makeup 7.99
1 Covergirl powder 5.99

-2.00 Maybelline coupon
-1.00 CG coupon
-1.00 CG coupon
-5.98 ECBs
-5.99 ECBs
-6.00 ECBs

=1.45 OOP
received 22.97 ECBs

4th transaction

3 dial bar soaps 5.97
2 Loreal lip glosses 13.98

-3 .30 dial coupons
-1.00 Loreal coupon
-10.00 ECB
-5.98 ECB

=2.43 OOP
received 16.98 ECBs

5th transaction

1 Hershey's Cookies n' cream 1.00
1 Playtex tampons 3.99
1 Johnson and Johnson lotion 5.69
1 Sally Hansen nail polish 3.79
1 Vaselline lotion 3.50

- 1.00 playtex coupon
- 1.00 Johnson's Lotion coupon
- 13.98 ECBs

=2.35 OOP

received 13.48 ECBs

To sum up, I bought everything in the photograph above for about 22.00 (give or take a few cents), and after rolling ECBs to keep the prices low, I still have 14.78 in ECBs.

To put things in perspective, the crockpot alone cost 20.00 OOP, but I paid 22.00 total OOP, not counting the 14.78 I still have to spend in ECBs. Incredible, I tell you.

Ann and I left CVS feeling like we needed to teach the entire world about the CVS game. It has changed our lives, or at least our grocery budgets. Seriously. Seriously.

There is so much more I want to share about Thanksgiving, and about my awesome grocery store trip today, but that will have to wait I suppose. Instead I will leave you with the sight that greets me everyday after nap time.


Ashley said...

How fun!! I felt the same way at CVS, and I will have to post some of my bargains as well. Too much fun! I got a coffee maker as my appliance, simply to give as a wedding gift or Christmas present in the future. Check that gift off my list =).

Also, I forgot that Ada has an iron crib. What brand is that and what are your thoughts a/b the quality/ease of use, etc.? Isn't it Ann's or something? I"m researching several brands...

Amanda said...

I'm getting tempted to check out this CVS game.
I love Ada's cute hair! Such a sweet sight after naptime!
Can't wait to see you this weekend. It is going to be so much fun!

John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said... I feel like my trip was nothing compared to your's! Wow! I'm impressed!! Hope you feel better soon!