Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I did wake up early yesterday morning (not 5 am, but 6 am), and I started my exercise video.  About ten minutes in, Ada also woke up early--sensing that I was awake, I suppose--so I caved and let her watch cartoons while I finished the video.  Then, just as I was finishing, John also woke up early.  As I told my mom, I was determined to "get a verse read,"  I am realistic; I knew that in depth bible study was not in the cards, but still, I needed a moment before the day officially began, so I put John in his high chair, gave him some fruit loops and water, started another cartoon for Ada, and I read my bible anyway, despite not being up alone before the rest of the house.

And this morning?  Ada woke up before I even made it downstairs.  I was still in John's room feeding him to insure that he would sleep through my 20 minutes of exercise, when I heard a little voice calling, "mommy, where are you?!!"

So, again, cartoons are on television, and I am going to sneak in my bible reading and exercise in between drink pouring, breakfast fixing, and baby feeding. 


Lauren said...

I can so relate :-) Yesterday Olivia woke me up at 5 and I had my quiet time with cartoons playing in the background also. Eric goes to the gym from 5 to 6 so I have to have somthing going to keep her occupied and quiet. Thankfully both kids slept till 7 this morning!! I will be praying that your kids sleep longer if ayou will do the same for me :-)

Esther Bratton said...

You SO impress me!!!! Your dedication to God and your children always inspires me. Thinking about you and praying that the potty training trial is going to be resolved soon!

Mary said...

Maybe if they keep getting up so early they will start going to bed early? But then again, I guess, so will you! haha! Sorry LB...but take heart, I know the Lord sees your efforts and is happy with them, whether it works out or not!

joy said...

I have told myself that women who are mothers of more than one preschooler recieve special graces from the Lord. He is not expecting Kay Arthur or Beth Moore out of us..instead he is using these daily trials to teach us of His patience and gentleness. I TRY to read a proverb a day in circumstnces similar to what you listed and save any in depth study for after baby bedtime..not every night but at least 2 times a week. and the exercise thing is part of naptime for me..brennan is old enough to deal with it as long as knox is asleep..3-4 times a week..i read somewhere that the goal is to set resolutions at an attainable level otherwise they will never rise above jsut that..i will continue to pray for ada and will DEF be praying for sleep in your home!!! knox woke at 4;45 FOR THE DAY yesterday!!!!!! and at 3:45 this morning he cried for an hour off and on..cutting the incisors...LORD HELP!!!!!!! at 4:45 when he stopped wimpering ben reminded me that he had men's group at 6am so he was up for the day..early wake ups are SOSOSOSOS tough!!!!!!!!!
Love you! Praying!