Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Held Hostage By Ice

First and foremost, would you join me in a great big


National Champions; I can't believe it!!

And now for the rest of the post.

What an odd week!!  We are facing day three of being iced into our home, and I confess, I am feeling a bit of cabin fever.  Today I kept asking Scott if he thought we should venture out, but it wasn't looking too good out our back door or our front.

I am thankful for the rest, though.  I have taken full advantage of Scott working from home, and I took an afternoon nap when John did, both yesterday and today.  Woo-hoo!!

Ada is thrilled about the snow, ice?, and keeps asking when it is going to melt.  She is so worried that it is going to melt that she can hardly enjoy it while it's here.  Isn't that the human nature?  Or at least the human nature of my offspring.

Here are a few snapshots from the last two days.

 view from the front door

and view from the back

 And playing with our next door neighbor, whom Ada adores.
Those were all taken yesterday, and John and I opted to stay inside where it was warm and toasty. 
 I'm training him early to help out in the kitchen.  One day his wife will thank me;)  (Scott is GREAT about helping me in the kitchen, so it's in John's genes)

John is showing off his new trick, waving and saying, "Hey."  I had also given him some water in one of Ada's sippy cups (in other words, not nearly as spill proof as his), and he thought it was great fun to pour water all over himself.  See his wet head?

And today, I decided that John and I desperately needed to get out in the fresh air.  I was going a bit stir crazy.

 bundled up and ready to go

And, Ada playing on the hill beside our community pool.  We made a makeshift sled out of cardboard, but she only rode it twice before it sort of fell apart, and she didn't want to ride it anymore.  John and I didn't last long outside.  I was worried about his baby face out in the cold.

In the midst of the snow, we are also still dealing with the potty drama, and I am about to pull my hair out.  I ended up putting a diaper on her before bed tonight, mainly because I needed a break.  I am just taking it a day at a time, praying and praying and praying for wisdom and guidance.  There was a time I don't think I would have believed that potty training could cause this much turmoil and praying and begging God for some answers.  I mean, it's potty training.  I am starting to believe that Ada is going to start kindergarten in diapers.  Not really...but sort of.  We are still doing miralax, after hearing from several moms, and I am hoping that eventually she won't be able to hold it.  Anyway...I could talk about this forever, but I won't put you through that.

Local friends...have you ventured out of your homes?  How are the roads out there?  It's so strange to feel this isolated!!

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