Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday and John's Success

So...I wanted to blog about something other than the ongoing potty drama (which has reached an all time high today), and I realize that I haven't said much about this stinker lately, and we are having all kinds of success with him.

This week in the midst of potty training, I also tackled "operation wean John," and we have done exceptionally well with step one.

This week, I stopped nursing John before naps.  To give you a full picture of how much this guy has been eating, I have weaned him down to four times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime, plus at least once in the middle of the night).  So, we have dropped two feedings--the feed-to-sleep at naptime feedings.  He only cried before the first morning nap, and after that he adjusted well to the new schedule.  Our next goal is to drop the middle of the night feedings.  He gets to keep the meal time feedings and bedtime feedings until his first birthday, and then we will begin dropping those one at a time, starting with lunch.  I am guessing bedtime will be the last to go, but we are weaning and that is a huge deal around here!!

Plus, all of a sudden, he is eating solid food like a champ.  Like a champ.  We have established quite the routine, every time he wakes up--in the morning, after morning nap (so lunch), and after afternoon nap (dinner) he gets to nurse.  Then, he eats a snack of baby goldfish or cheerios or, his favorite and what I feel the most guilt about, fruit loops.  He LOVES fruit loops and goldfish, and I have to give just a few at a time, or he will stuff his mouth until he is choking.  Then he eats an entire thing of baby food.  He does this three times a day.  It has only taken us eleven months to get on a feeding schedule;)  The goldfish and other finger foods have been a lifesaver for me because I am able to keep him occupied while I cook or clean the kitchen or whatever.  And he also drinks out of chews on his sippy cup while he snacks.  So...progress, right?

As for Ada...oh man, things are not good.  The fear has taken over to the point that today she cried and cried and cried while I left the house to run (for 15 minutes).  She was crying so hard over my leaving the house that she was shaking when I got home (I absolutely had to have the running break, though).  She then sobbed and sobbed while I took a shower, and not having a clue what to do during my afternoon tutoring session, I gave her permission to watch cartoons while I was gone (they have been taken away until we have potty success).  She still cried, but the cartoons kept her calm enough.  Things are not good (and this does not even include the insane freak out when I tried to take her to get her hair cut.  She ran from me, into a corner of the salon, where she curled up and screamed.  Needless to say, we did not get her hair cut).  So...we are just praying for some direction with her.  I have a hunch that many of these fears will be released once she uses the potty, but I honestly don't know how that is going to happen at this point. 

And now both the kids are in bed, Scott is watching the Falcons on tv, and I am about to go to Target just to get some time by. my. self.  Ada is my precious girl, but I am feeling a bit suffocated. 

And there's an update.


Margaret said...

Oh I hope things get better. But here is a little encouragment: anytime Simms has a "holding" episode, emotionally she becomes a different child until she has "gone." It really does affect their personalities and spirits and it is sad, but so frustrating all at the same time! Just know others have gone through this same type dilemma- as odd of a thing as it seems to have in common!

Amanda said...

So happy to hear about John's progress! He will be weaned in no time. And I'm sorry about Ada. I know that has to be tough emotionally on everyone.

Mary said...

YAY ! for you & John! Sorry about Ada...maybe you could quit for a bit and try again in a few months? I know it is SUCH a difficult phase in their growing up, I had several "holders". You aren't alone, hang in there and can't wait to see you Thursday!