Sunday, January 16, 2011

Revisiting the Goals

Okay, I set a few January goals for myself, and my tendency is to let things like this just fall to the wayside, so I am revisiting these goals to prevent that from happening.

How am I doing? 

So So.

I have exercised four times total over the past two weeks, so I have decided that the only thing to do is wake up before the rest of the house.  It's the only way that I am going to consistently get the exercise done, plus I love a quiet house in the morning.  It is a much more peaceful way to start the day than a three year old right in my face begging me to go downstairs.  It also a much better way for Ada to start the day--with a mom who is already awake and alive and ready to go.  So, win-win, right?

Starting tomorrow, I am waking up at--gasp--5 am.  I should stay starting tonight because this means that Scott and I are getting into bed at 10pm.  That's the biggest struggle, really, getting to bed early.

Also, because those baby pounds are stubbornly hanging around, and I do not have the time or patience to do an actual diet, I am making a no eating after 8 pm rule for myself.  If you are thinking, who eats after 8 pm anyway?  I do!!!!  I love to have a fun little snack after the kids are finally in bed, and I have crashed on the couch for a little down time.  I have to cut that snack out, though.  I think it might be just the ticket to getting these five pounds off (combined with the exercise).

So, that's the exercise and diet portion of the goals.

I don't need to tell you how Ada and the miralax is going.  No success there (except in her diaper and in her panties, no toilet success), but she has had lots of miralax.

I was doing really well with the bed-making and 15 minute cleaning sessions (which turned into much more than 15 minutes) until the big snow "storm" hit, and everything got off kilter.  I will be resetting that goal starting tomorrow morning.  We are getting things back on track.

Budget-wise, we are doing okay.  The main problem is I always forget to get cash before I go to the grocery store, so I need to make that a priority.  Cash just makes it very easy to see when we are over budget for the week.

And preschool with Ada?  Again, the snow threw us off.  We are back on track this week.

Was that all of the goals?  I am not sure, but those are the ones I am working on.  Big thing this week--waking up early before the rest of the house.  It should set everything else into motion.

I also want to note that last year, I made one, just one, New Year's Resolution to stop being late.  I am always late, especially to church.  Well, I failed miserabley at conquering that problem, but we have been on time to church the last two Sundays, and I plan to keep that up!!!  I think being late is so, so rude, and yet, I continue to be late, so I am determined to change my ways.

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Mary said...

I, too, am always late...I am praying for you on your goals, I have a few I am working on too. Hey you know what, I found this goal checklist thing that has been really helpful to me, I will email you with it if you're interested...remind me!