Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to grow a garden according to Ada and why Ada doesn't want to see Sleeping Beauty

Ada is very interested in garden growing lately, and she can't ever understand why I won't just take her outside and plant the garden, right then, as soon as she thinks of it.  I keep telling her that I will look into it, and this spring (is Spring capitalized?  This English teacher is terrible with captilization--and with the correct spelling of capital) we will try to plant a garden (or plant something, like maybe one vegetable--we'll start small). 

So today at lunch, we were eating blueberries, and Ada began to asking me about a spot on the blueberries, and I was explaining that it was just there from the blueberry being picked off the bush.  So, that led to more questions, and the conversation led to Ada asking if we could go outside to plant a garden after lunch.  I once again told her that I would have to look into it, and that we would try to plant a garden in the Spring, and this is what she said.

Ada:  "But mom, I know how to plant a garden,"

Me:  "You do?  How?"

Ada:  "make a hole...water it...plant...water again...then, watch it grow.  That's how you do it, mom."

So, there you go.  Fairly simple, it seems;) 

Okay, second Ada conversation. 

Yesterday, we got a postcard in the mail about the Atlanta Ballet Company's production of Sleeping Beauty.  Well, Ada's favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty (no rhyme or reason to that; she doesn't even know the story of Sleeping Beauty), and she loved watching the Christmas ballet show, so I thought that it would be really special for Ada to be able to go with me to the Fox to watch Sleeping Beauty.  I immediately called Scott to tell him about it, and he agreed that it was a good idea and that we should look into the price of tickets.  Ada overheard my conversation with Scott, and she wanted to see the postcard.  Here is what it looks like...

I don't know if  you can tell, but the male ballet dancer has no shirt on, and ummm...very form fitting pants.  Ada took one look at it, and announced that she did not want to go see Sleeping Beauty.  When I asked her why, she said because the man doesn't have any clothes on.  No matter what I said, she was not budging in her decision.

Scott said, "that's my girl."


Jenny said...

Loving all these cute stories! The blueberry story makes me laugh. Andrew is very particular about his food, if it has the slightest blemish or unattractive spot, it's "yucky." But yet he loves blueberries. We convinced him that the spot on the berry is the "belly button" and we all have them. It was enough to convince him to eat it. And it's pretty much true, it's where the berry was attached to it's mommy!

Jessica said...

I laughed out loud on that one..hilarious!

Jess said...

This is hilarious!!!! How do you ever keep a straight face? I say thumbs up on the garden. My parents have one every year and Micah loves it. Probably because tt is BIG, like drive the golf cart around in it. I have thought about doing one here but it would have to been in planters or buckets or something. We do have blueberry bushes and are crossing our fingers for more than 4 berries this year!