Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Shouting

We are still thrilled to the core over here.  I woke up this morning, and Scott was still in the room getting ready for work.  The first thing I said to him was, "Can you believe that Ada is using the potty?"  And he agreed that it is still hard to believe.  It has been such an issue that has filled every second of our days, so we are feeling light, indeed.  Scott and I are so romantic--the main thing we talk about these days is Ada's bodily functions;)  But, really, this is marriage right--being in the daily grind of life together.  I am so thankful to have someone in it with me.  So very thankful.

Last night we made the promised trip to Target, where Ada picked out her "prize" for filling up her chart.  Her choice?  A barbie movie and window markers.  And this morning before it was even light outside, she was asking to use the markers. 

This afternoon Ada has ballet and AWANA.  She never has trouble going to ballet because I stay there during her class, but last week she couldn't get up the nerve to stay at AWANA without me.  I am anxious to see if there is any change in her behavior since we have conquered the toilet situation. 

I am already seeing changes in her in other areas.

Lately, she has not wanted to pray AT ALL.  It has actually been a battle, where I had to make her sit quietly and not cry while I prayed for us.  Well, this morning she asked if we could pray for the day--a first for her.  I, of course, said YES!!!  We can certainly pray for our day, and Ada proceeded to pour her little heart out to God.  Mark it down as one of my favorite motherhood moments, and a huge break through for Ada.  She prayed about everything from sleeping all night in panties to Jesus dying on the cross.  It was killing me that I didn't have a tape recorder or at least a pen and paper so I could get it all down word for word.  We have been praying every night before bed, and if Ada doesn't want to pray, I at least make her repeat after me, "God, help me to want to pray and give me a heart that loves you."  I want her to know that even the wanting to pray comes from Him, so to have her want to pray this morning is such an answer to her own prayer. 

Anyway...I am just thankful today.  So thankful for the Lord caring about this little trial in our lives.  It is so very very small compared to the things that other people are facing today, but I am reminded that God knows every sparrow that falls to the ground, and that this "potty issue" matters to Him.  He has absolutely walked me through this.  Thank you, Lord!!  And thank you, friends, for caring right along with Him:)


Ann said...

Still so relieved for you and Ada. So interesting about the prayer, wonder what was going through her head that made her want to pray this morning. It is killing me these days because I don't have a camera that works or a video camera or anything. I so want one of those flip videos. Laura told me they got one-around $150 and they love it.

Esther Bratton said...

Catching up on all my blogs and just found out your FANTASTIC news! So happy for you. I have been praying for y'all and thinking how incredibly difficult this all must be. It's so great to hear your testimony of this trial and then here that God has brought you to the end of it! Still praying that things would continue to go smoothly.

Mary said...

I am so excited for the success...what a HUGE weight that must be lifted...and how awesome that the Lord sees us through the big and small trials, He is there in it all. Shouting with you!

Jess said...

I am so excited for you all! LB, thank you for just showing me, through all this you have been through, that I HAVE to hand some things over to Him. Thank you for reminding me that He does hear and wants us to lay it down. What a tender moment with Ada praying! She is so blessed that God chose you for her!