Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Photos

Okay, quickly, because I have a grocery list to make and it's 11:22 pm and, because, I am exhausted!!!  here are a few Christmas pictures.  All from my phone, so not great, but I want the morning recorded on film.

 John and his gifts.  I'll be honest, the only reason I even gave John any gifts was because I didn't want all of the attention to be on Ada.  I mean, he's not even a year old, he wouldn't have known the difference.  But I found a few items on Target clearance, and Jessica passed along a few of Grant's old toys, and I got a free melissa and doug item from an online deal, and ta have John's Christmas gifts.  One of the Target clearance items was a set of nesting blocks.  Ada quickly took over those as she built a tower for her new Sleeping Beauty barbie doll. 

 And here was Ada's favorite item of all.  A box of art supplies.  She immediately stopped opening gifts and began to draw. 
 My Christmas gift from Scott--a book about Dave Ramsey and debt, by the author of "Stuff Christians Like..." Scott and I don't do big Christmas gifts for each other;)  I gave him a movie ticket.  Our first Christmas married, I bought him so many books, and he bought me so many dvds.  4 years later we have finally figured out to do the exact opposite of that--I prefer books; he prefers movies.  I also prefer pajama pants.  I am easy to please--give me a good book and a new pair of pajama pants, and I am good to go. 
 Ada with the "loot" from her stocking.  Dora stickers to be exact.
 And Christmas morning breakfast--grits casserole, cinnamon rolls, and pigs in a blanket (requested by Scott).
 John got a sippy cup in his stocking--hint, hint, John--it's time to wean, buddy.  He likes to chew on it.  Drink out of it?  Not so much. 
And...the view out the car window on our way to Alabama on Christmas afternoon.  A White Christmas--HOW FUN!!! 

Favorite gifts seemed to be--the box of art supplies from us, a Eric Carle game from my mom (a little mind numbing for adults, but Ada LOVES it,) a cash register from Edna/Mae-Mae/Scott's mom, and a cardboard play house that you color from Mary Ann, my mom's sister. 

And the main gift that I think Ada wishes she had gotten--a leapster.  I came so close to getting her one, but I thought she might be too young.  I was wrong; she loved playing with Ellie and Luke's.  I am thinking birthday present...

Bottom line

It was a fun first Christmas at home.  I think it was magical for the kiddos, just as I hoped;), and the snow took magical to a whole new level. 

Now, on to 2011. 


Jessica said...

so fun! John requested pigs in a blanket too!

Jess said...

Looks like a magical Christmas to me!! You always crack me up...the sippy cup in the stocking was brilliant!