Friday, December 19, 2008

Anxiously waiting for dad to get here

Scott is coming today to take Ada and me to Crossville for Christmas with the Moores, and Ada and I are dying for him to get here. I am emotionally and mentally drained, and I need my "other half" to help me with this parenting thing. And Ada just plain misses her dad.

I have such huge respect and awe and sympathy for single moms out there. How in the world they do it, is beyond me. The emotional drain alone is too much for me to think about. I need someone who cares just as much as I do about all of the tiny minute details, and I need someone to take over when my mental capacity shuts down for the day.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, Scott, we are ready to see you.


Lamm said...

I second your respect for single moms. When Keith was out of town for work, I counted down the minutes until his return. At least you have family around to lighten the load just a little! :) I've been on the edge of crazy just being home with Knox during the day while he's been teething this week--especially today! Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!

John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said...

I'm right there with you friend!