Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leave the couponing to the women

My sweet husband presented me with a stack of printed off, cut up coupons when I arrived home from the Church's Ladies' night tonight. (Some husbands present flowers, jewelry even--what does it for me? A fresh stack of coupons).

He and Ada are both tucked into bed, and I am still up trying to make sure the grocery list is done and the coupons are matched. So I began to look through my stack of new coupons, and I realize that many of them have a very haphazard look about them. And I know what Scott did. He thought he would save time, and cut lots at once. But, ya'll, you know the part that has to be scanned. The part that saves me the money, well, half of the coupons barely even have that part anymore. Oh sweet Scott. I know his heart was in the right place. Truly, I know it. But, oh man...these precious coupons. Unusable. Lesson learned, here. Leave the couponing to me, babe.


Scott said...

My bad.

Lamm said...

At least he's trying! ;) My husband on the other hand, just runs out and buys whatever, i.e. cold medicine, which I had SEVERAL coupons for--it just broke my heart!

Hollen said...

LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL That is so funny! :) LOL That sounds like something I would do and then be VERY frustrated when I figured that out. Or, I would do it and then like, take them to the store and then I would realize when the person tried to scan them...haha. :)