Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Pictures

Ada last year. Can you believe it? I was packing up our apartment as we prepared to move, and Ada was going through her awkward, hair falling out stage. She spent a lot of time in that bumbo seat while I packed because she couldn't sit on her own yet!! Crazy to think about how much changes in a year. We kept saying over Christmas, this time next year Andrew (Ann's baby, due February) will be 10 months!! This time last year I didn't know any of our McDonough friends. The Lord has been so very good to us. I wait eagerly to see all that he will do in the coming year--sure to be hard and rich all at the same time. Okay, on to this Christmas, and all of it's child-like excitement. It was quite fun to view Christmas through the eyes of a 3 1/2 year old. Ellie could hardly bear the excitement of it all.Headed to "Cuz Christmas," a Christmas tradition for Scott and his high school friends. Grams' living room, decorated for Christmas, is in the background.Fast forward to Christmas Eve (I took no pictures in between the last picture and this one). The kiddos have been bribed with candy canes to sit with Sarah and pose for a picture. This was as good as it was going to get. Our stomachs were stuffed to the brim with prime rib and mashed potatoes. Not to mention this yummy peppermint cake--a Paula Dean recipe made by Ann. Little did Ada know that Santa would be bringing her her very own fire truck the very next morning. We were at "Near's" house (when Ellie first began to speak, grandmother somehow came out "Near," and the name stuck. From here on out, I suppose we will refer to my mom as Near), and Ada had no pajamas. She had to borrow some of Luke's size 2T airplane pjs.Ada was feeding off of Ellie's energy, though Ada has no idea what the excitement was about. It doesn't take much to get this little girl hyped up, and hyped up, she was. I, on the other hand, was not so hyped up. I was quite tired by that point, as you can tell by my face.

Santa has been here!! It was fun to be on the other side of Christmas, and play Santa. Ada had a very small pile compared to Ellie and Luke's, but she really didn't know the difference. We will save big Christmases for later, when it matters. She was quite happy with the fire truck and microwave waiting for her under the tree. Ellie's gifts are wrapped in princess paper, and Luke's gifts are wrapped in Cars paper. Ellie loves wrapping and opening gifts so much, that I just gave her wrapping paper and tape as a Christmas present. She loved it.

Christmas Bread is a long lived tradition in my family. It's my grandmother's recipe (I think--did Ella bake it, mom?), and as long as I can remember my mom makes it for breakfast every Christmas morning. I have big plans to learn the secret to baking Christmas bread that I might carry on the family tradition.

Playing outside on after the gifts have been opened. Ellie and Luke received bicycles, so this was how the gift opening had to end. Ada is entertained simply by walking up and down the Barbers' steep driveway. After opening more gifts at mom's house, we loaded the car until it was packed floor to ceiling, and we headed home.


Ashley said...

How funny - I went to a party last week where someone made that very cake! OM soul it was full of sugar =) But yummy! And, what a fun Christmas you guys had - Ada looks like she has just had the best time!

Lindsay said...

LB, it looks like y'all had a great trip! I made that same peppermint cake and was going to post pictures!

Amanda said...

Ok Ada keeps getting cuter and cuter my goodness! And that picture of the kids posing with Sarah was so cute. Luke was really into his pose! Hand under the chin and everything. That made me giggle. I would love to see all these cousins in action one day :) Glad you had a Merry Christmas!!!

Mary Ann said...

Would it be possible for me to have a copy of the picture of Sarah with Ada, Luke, and Ellie? Surely you have nothing else to do than make a copy of a picture for me and then get it in the mail. Seriously, just if you ever get a chance, I would really like one. All the pics of Ada are so "stinkin'" adorable. She has such a smug, confident look on her face so much of the time. I absolutely can't get over the one of her a year ago. Okay, talk to you later.