Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Late Christmas Present

Scott is done with work for the week. Finished until Monday. Woo-hoo.

We were just discussing a sleeping plan. Tomorrow, since it's his first day off, he can sleep in, then me, and so on. To sum up, I am looking at three mornings of sleeping in between now and Monday. Again, woo-hoo.

Plus, because all of the students are still Christmas Breaking, I have zero tutoring hours, which is bad for the bank account, great for quality time with the hubby. We have big plans to get Ada in bed, then settle in for several episodes of Lost. We are re-watching last season in preparation for this season.

Time with my husband, during the day, after sleeping in--my favorite Christmas gift of the season.

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Sarah Garner said...

yea! I'm so excited!~ I was just thinking about you on my way to work this morning as I passed northside and thought of when you might have your next doctors appointment. :) i want to see you any time! name the week and i will tell you what days i have off. it's different every week. i can't wait to see you and ada! i got your christmas card today. adorable. hope to see you very very soon!!!