Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Surprise

It is a blissful moment at my house.

Scott surprised me, arriving home 30 minutes early, and whisked Ada away for a little daddy-daughter outing, leaving me with a quiet house. This has happened maybe twice since Ada was born. Hallelujah is what I thought when he walked through that door. I love Ada more than life itself, but that little munchkin wears me slap out, and today I needed a break. And Scott delivered.

Then, with big plans to catch up on missed episodes of Grey's Anatomy, I settled myself into the couch. However, no matter what I do, ABC doesn't seem to want to allow me to watch Grey's, and I am getting a message loud and clear from up above, I have absolutely no business watching that trash. I don't think the verse that says, "whatever is true, whatever is holy, think on these things," is talking about Grey's Anatomy. I'm just guessing.

So...I am blogging instead. And basking in the silence. I even turned the fire place on for good measure. It's a good day, ya'll.

As for dinner--all I have to do is stick a pork tenderloin in the oven, and a bag of simply steam veggies in the microwave, and I am done. This is my kind of Monday, and I am soaking it up.


Amanda said...

I hear you about the trash watching. We have gotten into Gossip Girls. Heard of it? Trash but love the cattiness and clothing :(

n*stitches said...

What a great dad!!