Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Menu Planning

Life is back to normal, folks, with meal planning and clipping coupons and the general daily stuff. And it sort of feels good to be back.

This week we are in detox mode because for two weeks straight I have basically had an IV stuck to my arm pumping straight sugar into my veins, so we are voluntarily cutting the carbs and upping the protein this week. You might notice a lack of variety in the week's menu, but I think we will feel better as a result. I will start the menu with Sunday...

Sunday: Ham and bean soup (recipe to come). We will eat this for lunch, and I think I will make chicken salad for dinner.

Monday: Pork tenderloin (from the freezer), veggies (from the freezer) I did not have to buy one thing for this meal, thanks to stockpiling

Tuesday: 15 bean soup

Wednesday: Black bean soup

Thursday: grilled pork chops (manager's special at Kroger), veggies

I know, I know, the soup is getting a bit repetitive, but I tried to vary the flavor of soups:) I love soup--all kinds. And it's so easy to throw everything into the crock pot and let it simmer. Dinner hour is our fussiest hour, so anything I can do to simplify, well I am willing to do it.

As for breakfast--Ada and I will be eating eggs, and Scott will too if I wake up in time to fix them for him (it's doubtful).

Lunch--leftovers mainly, chicken salad and triscuits (Scott is off work Wed-Fri. for New Year's, so we may do omelets for brunch those days and forgo lunch all together)

Ada may be eating whole grain mac and cheese, or PB & J, since she has no need for a low-carb diet:)

By Friday we will most likely be souped out, and I will return to normal meals. We just need to lighten things up this week after the heaviness of Holiday Food. Can we say prime rib, mashed potatoes, and candy cane cake? Not to mention the pounds of homemade candy and apple pie I ate. Oh my, if you cut me I would bleed carbs.

Anyone have a great low-carb recipe? If so, please post it in the comment section. It would be greatly appreciated:) And remember, go to Organizing Junkie every Monday for more menu ideas.

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