Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Is Coming... as is John shortly after

I just arrived at my mom's house this afternoon, and I think I am about to sneak away for a nap. (Ada is currently down for a nap)

We spent the weekend at Scott's parents' house, and now Scott and his dad are on the way to Georgia with all of John's furniture loaded in the back of Scott's dad's truck. I am one relieved mama knowing that tonight John's room will finally be furnished. And Scott has a few days off of work for New Year's, so I think we will get the painting done then. It will be miracle of all miracles, but John's room just might be done before he gets here. There is a chest of drawers that I would like to purchase from Ikea, but it's not life or death if that isn't done before he arrives. Let's be honest, John would have been fine with a pack n' play in the corner of the master. The nursery is more for the mom, don't you think? But I sure will be relieved to have it done!!!

I am starting to get a bit nervous about his arrival--both labor and delivery and the weeks following the big day. I am anticipating how drastically life changed after Ada was born, and it's hard to ever be prepared for that kind of change. I am praying for peace throughout it all. I remember thinking this before Ada was born, but I can pray all day long for specifics about delivery day, but really, what I need most is peace and the knowledge that God is carrying me through it, step by step, no matter what events take place. Ada's delivery could not have gone more smoothly, so of course, that is what I hope for. Oh there is so much to think about and anticipate and worry about--if I give in to that sin tendency;)

In the mean time, my discomfort level is growing, so I imagine that in another month I will be willing to go through whatever I need to go through to get this baby out!!

For now, I will focus on Christmas day that is just around the corner. I am excited for Ada to see all of her surprises, and it's fun to share the excitement with the cousins. I am sure there will be many pictures to post in the next few days.

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The Noonan's said...

I was thinking how thankful you must be that you don't have to ride a donkey home while being "great with child". Merry Christmas friend - Peace to you!