Friday, December 18, 2009

Real Life on a Rainy Day

Last night, with nothing in particular on the schedule, Scott and I decided to put Walk the Line in the dvd player and take it easy. Apparently we took it too easy, as we both forgot that the dinner dishes had not been dealt with. That was quite the sight to wake up to this morning. Bowls of leftover spaghetti still on the kitchen table. Oh man.

Now I am dealing with this reality.
Last night I also decided to finally stamp and address Christmas cards, which was going so well until I ran out of stamps. And with the rain currently flooding the streets outside, I am having a hard time gathering up the energy to load us into the car and tackle the post office. It never goes well, even on a sunny day. So, this project is half finished and Christmas is a week away.
In the mean time, Ada is watching too many cartoons and giving into the temptation to open the Christmas gifts that are wrapped only in gift bags. I finally found some gift bags for her to play with, and I showed her how she could put her current toys in the bag and "pretend." She calls the presents surprises, and she keeps saying, "Happy Birthday!"
We have also spent lots of time coloring. My big pregnant self keeps squeezing into these tiny chairs upon Ada's insistence.
In the mean time, the rain just keeps pouring down outside my window.


Rachel said...

It's pouring here too... I wish I was at your house right now and could color with Ada instead of in the office... :)

The Noonan's said...

My kitchen looks like that too! I love Ada's craft projects - you are a trooper to be jolly in your 3rd trimester. And for those stamps - head to the grocery store or walgreens they sell them there while you are getting other things. Hope our weekend is a little dryer -