Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More about the garland

I decided to peruse Etsy a bit to see what they had to offer in the way of Christmas decorations, and look at this fun garland that I found. I think it would be just the thing to decorate my fire place, especially if it was paired with these stockings!!I don't if Etsy has clearance sales after Christmas, but I am keeping my eyes open in hopes that next year these things will find themselves a part of my Christmas decor.

By the way, this little bit has been an extra big stinker lately. Yesterday she opted to not take a nap at all, and I prayed for patience all day long. Today we spent the morning at the library's story time, and she did, praise the Lord, take a two hour nap. I have been feeling first trimester nauseous combined with third trimester huge, and I just can't handle no nap days right now. One more week of tutoring, and then I am done (except for one student)--hallelujah. Only a few more weeks, and there is much to get done before John makes his appearance.

Who knows what Ada will think of John. Last night she was once again pretending to take John from my stomach, opening her arms and saying in a baby voice, "come here, John." Once she "had him in her arms," she proceeded to toss him up into the air, and she told us he was stuck in the sky. Oh dear. Let's hope that doesn't really happen once he's here;) There was another time that she "had him in her arms," and she tossed him down the stairs. I'm going to have to keep my eyes on this big sister or else John is in big trouble.

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