Thursday, December 3, 2009

Worth a Try

This morning's feeble attempt at potty training.
A Curious George Christmas special on PBS and chocolate milk in the sippy cup. Plus I have promised a treat if she actually uses the potty. So far, she jumps up every ten seconds and says, "all done. I want a treat." and then I have to explain that she has to use the potty, not just sit on it, in order to get the treat.She is still running around diaperless, so maybe this will result in a successful potty experience--we'll see.

Update: After an accident on the living room carpet, I have decided to put a diaper on Ada and try again tomorrow. I'll be honest with you, I have been dreading potty training since Ada was first born. It just seems so hard to me. Advice anyone? Too many more accidents, and this 30 week pregnant girl will be putting potty training on the back burner until May, when life has hopefully settled down again.

In the mean time, I have a long to do list, and I need to pry myself away from the computer and get to it.


Jessica said...

reminds me of Hannah! But, doing the same thing, one day Hannah DID go and it was smooth sailing from there. Go Ada Go! (Literally)

LB said...

after an accident, the diaper went back on, so we will try again tomorrow. I keep hoping that something is going to click.

Jenny said...

LB, I fear this reply will be a little on the long side, so asking for forgiveness in advance!
Andrew is 3 and we just got him potty trained, praise God. It took us 3 tries. Here's what finally worked:

We got an Elmo potty (at Babies R Us), we used the Huggies Potty Training DVD (free, we used it for the songs), and we totally nixed diapers and put on the Gerber underwear. Every 45 minutes we would sit on the potty regardless of if he went or not. And he got a treat, even if he went or not. And by treat, we mean one M&M.

The Gerber underwear is in the baby dept. at WalMart, its really thick cotton underwear, so he could feel when he had an accident, but since it was thick enough the mess was contained. We did not use Pull Ups (no different than a diaper!)

We sang all the songs on the potty DVD, sometimes we even sat on the potty while we watched. And now we still sing the songs (even in my sleep).

Our biggest thing was NOT GOING back to the diaper! We would tell Andrew "no more diaper!" and emphasize "big boy/girl" pants.

Biggest advice: don't get discouraged, be consistent, it may take two or three tries (and by tries, one try was a few days). And it might help if Hannah 'shows' Ada what its like to use the potty (and let Ada go potty with you, too). And lastly, PRAYER! I felt silly praying about potty training at church, but if its a big deal to you, its a big deal to God!

Let me know if I can help at all!

Mary Ann said...

I have been so lax in reading all the blogs, so I'm catching up, and just want to say that all the pictures of Ada are so precious. I love the ones of her beside the C. tree.

You know I have no advice on the potty training. However, I can pray for you.

Love y'all.

Bethany said...

It does take time and LOTS of patience. But,don't give up. ;) Once you take the diaper off, don't go back. Caroline had several accidents on the floor before it finally clicked. She then began catching herself and running to me to go to the potty.

I kept the potty in the living room because that is where we spent most of our day. If we went upstairs, it came with us. I also set the kitchen timer for every thirty minutes and loaded up on more juice/water. We sat down each time. It helped her realize that she could monitor the bathroom visits. I only gave her a prize (a sticker) when she went though.

Hang in there and it will get better. Just think about how nice it will be to only change diapers when she wakes up. You can do it!! :)

The Stewart Family said...

Hi Laura Beth! I don't know you but I enjoy your blog. (found it linked from an auburn friend's) :-)
i have 2 little ones 27 months & 12 months. i potty trained my little girl at 22 months while my husband was out of town on business....having 2 small ones in diapers was just too hard and hectic.
i would also have to agree that being consistent was the most important thing for us....the first few days are ROUGH & I cleaned a lot. :-) Our little girl got a jelly bean each time she went to the bathroom on the potty. (we did the trainer potty on the potty...less cleaning for me and a better visual for her) I let her run around without pants on for about 3 days...and she got it. Again, the first part was rough....but the end result was amazing!!! diapers....SOO much easier to go out...and it definitely saves money! :-) don't get's hard. rome wasn't built in a day. but in the end...she will be POTTY TRAINED!!!!!

Amy said...

We used the methods in this book: 'Potty Training in One Day: A Guide for Today's Parents', and although I was skeptical I have to say after one weekend he 'got' the concept that you were supposed to pee and poop in the potty (and would do it when we put him on it- whenever we put him on it- we did use m&m's as rewards in the beginning). He is still learning to tell us when he has to go. That's the hard part.

Jennifer said...

I was terrified of potty training too (I had no idea how to be a mom!) so I just didn't! When my daughter went on vacation with my husband to FL when she was 28months old, she just decided that she didn't want to wear a diaper anymore, and she went in the potty! My husband told her that if she wasn't going to wear a diaper, she HAD to use the potty every hour, and if she peed her pants, she had to stop whatever fun activity they were doing, change her clothes, and clean up her mess. She didn't have many accidents, because who wants to do all that? So my advice is ALWAYS: don't push it! She'll tell you when SHE'S ready! It's not going to do anyone any good to work for weeks and weeks when YOU'RE ready because she's not going to do it until SHE is. So I say keep doing what you're doing, but if she doesn't want to go without a diaper, for heaven's sake, don't! But that's just me, and I know I was VERY lucky!

6kids4me said...

I am the mother of 6, five boys and one girl. I have to say that you get better with each child. With my first I was clueless, and with each child it got a little easier. My success was with training for BM's first. I kept them in a diaper butI would put them on the pot when I thought they might have to go, like after meals, or at the same time each day. It depends on the child's schedule. I would keep my eyes peeled for grunting, squatting, hiding, etc. to also give me clues. Once they went I would give a small treat. They clued in pretty quickly. After success with that I would take off the diapers and not have to worry about poop everywhere and wear no bottoms while at home. It only took a couple of accidents to realize what was going on and then they were potty trained. I agree with being consistent and remember each child is different. If you have to wait until May that is o.k. too.