Wednesday, December 16, 2009


32 weeks today--woo-hoo. I am quickly making my way through this pregnancy. So soon we will be meeting little John Thomas.

In the mean time, this little bit has molded herself to my side. She doesn't like to be away from me for long. How will she react when John is here? I'll deal with that then, I suppose. Mom put it into perspective for me one time when she said that it will be one of Ada's first opportunities to die to self. She probably won't like it, but it sure will be good for her little heart.

I'm on the computer? She's right there with me.
I need to dry my hair, no problem. She'll just finish her Christmas tree project on the bathroom floor.In the mean time there is still Christmas celebrating to do. Mom sent the garland and the stockings, and I am loving it. Much better than that cheap fake garland that I did have hanging on the fireplace.

And "Cake" is here with us today. Still sleeping of course because she doesn't have a two year old for an alarm clock. Ada and I, on the other hand, like to get up with the sun. Have a good Wednesday, everyone!


Elizabeth said...

AWWWWW! I like it on your mantel. It looks like Etsy! I like the way ya'll hung it! Definitely works better on a white mantel than my dark wood very traditional one. Give Ada and Cake a hug for me. Ada can hug Cake.

Elizabeth said...

Hey. Another comment. Just so you'll know, I came back to your blog just to see those pix of Ada. And I didn't comment on them before. Love her at the computer with you and "all over her artwork". My heart goes crazy.

Ashley said...

Reagan has pretty much been like that her whole life. She goes through phases but most of the time it's me or nothing. She doesn't like Chris to hold her, tickle her, nothing. It really hurt's Chris' feelings. I'm hoping she grows out of it soon. I take a shower while she's napping b/c if I don't she will be constantly poking her head through the curtain to make sure i'm still there...or trying to climb inside with me. :)