Saturday, February 13, 2010

The End is in Sight

Everything is looking up.

John was moved out of the NICU today to a more transitional nursery. It was so much easier to visit him today because he had his own little area with a curtain and a very comfy chair. When he was sleeping, I could just sit in that chair and read or I could hold him and stare at him, which is what I mostly chose to do.

His CPR numbers, which indicate infection, were completely normal today--so no more infection. Thank you, Lord.

He never needed oxygen when eating. Again, thank you, Lord.

His little lung is completely healed, and the jaundice is gone.

John will either come home late tomorrow or early Monday. His antibiotics will not be finished until Monday morning, and the doctor is trying to get a nurse to come to our house for that dose so that John can come home tomorrow. However, we live 45 minutes away from the hospital, so I think we will probably have to wait until Monday morning. Either way, I am so happy to know a definite day.

When John left my room on Monday afternoon, the doctor told me he would be back in my room in 8 hours, and I cried a little bit over that. Little did I know that he would finally be with me 8 days later. I am so thankful it's not 8 weeks or 8 months.

I am exhausted, and I know that my nights are about to get interesting, so I plan to go to bed very early tonight in preparation for all that is ahead of me. I have a feeling that sleep will be hard to come by, as I lie awake listening to John breath, making sure he is okay. No matter what the doctors tell me, I know myself, and it will be a while before I can rest easy without worrying about every little sound that he makes.

Again, I know that I need to post pictures, but I am typing on Sarah's lap top, and I don't have the energy to find the camera and download pictures. They will come soon enough.

My little boy is coming home. I couldn't be more relieved.


Lindsay said...

What a relief for y'all! Like you said, I know God's hand has been on that precious little boy of y'all's (and His)! Can't wait to see blogs about him when he is at home!

Tutti said...


Jessica said...

so great to hear! What an answer to prayer!

Ashley said...

Hang in there LB!!! You are almost done. I know it's so hard, but this is all part of the Almighty's grand plan - he knows every step and has gone before you!! Rest in that!!! And, you're right - this will allow you insight into what some families go through post-birth. We all take for granted that our deliveries will be super smooth - we expect that, and in reality, God has ordained all these things for His glory and John's good!!! Much love!

Mary Ann said...

Soooo glad the end is in sight, and that John is doing so well. Don't worry about not sending the pictures. I'm just so glad to get the updates. However, if you want to send the pics later, that will be more than fine.

Love y'all,
Mary Ann

Mary said...

YAYY! I am so happy to hear this, LB! I am so excited for you!