Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Our Own

The family left today, and Ada, John, and I are on our own.  Of course, Scott will join us after work:)

It's got to be a good sign that I am blogging!!  And it is--Ada is playing independently and John is sleeping soundly.  So, that's a little too good to be true, I think.  We'll see how the afternoon goes, but so far, so good.

I am feeling good.  Very, very, very drowsy, but good.  I am getting a decent amount of sleep at night, but I guess the three hour shifts don't equal a full night's sleep.  Plus, I think the nursing is draining me a bit.  Every nursing session throughout the day, I feel a bit more tired, until bed time when I can hardly hold my head up.  Don't get me wrong, though, I am getting way more sleep than I should be with a newborn.  Please, please, keep it up, John!! 

He continues to be laid back, and Ada seems to really love him.  She has adjusted much more quickly than I ever expected.  So, things are good.

When my mom left after Ada was born, I cried.  This time, I did not.  So, things are looking up.


Nicole said...

That is great news! I cried when my mom left too. :)

Ashley said...

This is great news! I am so proud for you that things are looking up! One thing about nursing - don't forget how many calories you are burning while doing it. You need to keep your water and food intake up a good bit. I felt tired, too, and trust me, at 8 mos, she's REALLY draining it out of me. I just have to keep food in my system, otherwise, I'm weak as all get out. Keep EATING!!!

Rachel said...

That is GREAT! I am so happy things are going well. You are giving me hope that the post partum may not be so terrible with the second one :)

Mary Ann said...

Laura Beth,

I am so thankful to read your very positive blog post. I have thought about you all day, and wondered how you were doing without Elizabeth there. I hope you will take Ashley's advice and increase your food and water intake. I'm dying to see John.

Love you,
Mary Ann