Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still hanging in there

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This little guy stills seems to be fairly laid back.  We had a couple of rough nights in a row, and I realized that I had been drinking more caffeine than intended, so I have now cut out all caffeine.  Yikes.  Those first days with a new baby are not the time to quit caffeine cold turkey.  Even while pregnant, I allow myself diet coke in moderation.  Anyway, other than a giant headache, it seems to have helped, and we all got a good night's sleep last night.  

He continues to be a champion nurser.  Every two hours during the day, and every four hours at night (which is incredible to me).  I can't believe that he is nursing this well after all those bottles that he had in the hospital.  He also has a dirty diaper every single time he nurses.  I mean, truly.  We have changed so many diapers.  So, he seems to do things a bit differently than Ada did:)

Speaking of, she is gone to the park with Scott right now.  Bless her heart.  I think she is a bit unimpressed with John, and she is sick of the monotony of nurse, change diapers, sleep, nurse.  She is ready for a friend to play with.  Well, the weather is gorgeous, so we all thought a special park day with Dad was just the thing she needed.

Ada has actually contributed to the exhaustion of the newborn stage because she is waking up at 5:50 every morning instead of her usual 7:30.  If she would sleep until 7:30, then we would all be well rested, but instead, she has changed her schedule.  I hope, oh I hope, that 5:50 is just a phase.

Tomorrow, my dad, Ann, and her three kids are all coming to McDonough.  Dad was in the middle of murder trials during John's birth and hospital stay, so he was only able to see John briefly this past Saturday, when John was still in the NICU.  It will be a party at our house with all of those people, but I know Ada will love it.  Ann actually planned to leave Ellie and Luke at home, but mom and I asked her to bring them for Ada's sake.  Then, everyone, including mom, will leave on Tuesday.  Oh man.  We'll see if I'm singing the same tune about life with two when I'm on my own.  Worst case scenario, I will just pack up my stuff a few days later and head to Scottsboro.  I am not scared to admit when I need help with a new baby!!:)

Overall, things are still going really well.  We are adjusting to this new life, and I know that I will blink and things will seem more normal. 

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laura.murphree said...

Praise God that nursing is going so well! I am so glad. I hope Ada's phase ends soon. We have been in the same one with Kylie and we are slowly coming out of it. We are still praying for you all.