Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Day

Last night was, um, better? 

I feel...very sleepy.

How are we getting by?

We began the morning, with John on the boppy, eating, and Ada in front of us, also eating.  I let her eat Cocoa Puffs.  I do not agree with giving kids junk cereal.  I do, however, agree with doing what you have to do to survive on a few hours of sleep with a 2 year old and a 2 week old.  I kept one hand on John, making sure he was staying "attached," and with the other hand I fed Ada.  At least I had enough sense to not let her feed herself.

As he ate and she ate, I drank caffeine free diet coke.  And I wished with all my heart that caffeine free would some how help in much the same way as her caffeineted cousin.  It did not.

John spent the morning eating and crying, eating and crying, and finally sleeping long enough for me to take a shower.

And then the baby swing, the glorious baby swing, saved the day, and he took a long nap while Ada played by herself, and I turned the television off and enjoyed the quiet.

And then John woke up and cried some more while Ada napped.

But, things continue to go well.  Emotionally I am stable, and this is incredible news ;)  I am taking this thing one day at a time.  Hey, I am taking this thing one hour at a time.  He may cry this hour, and my house may be a wreck this hour, but the sky's the limit next hour.  With Ada, I was taking it 18 years at a time, and that is where I went wrong.

p.s.  Mary, as you can see, Ada was thrilled to find her surprise waiting outside.  She named the baby, "purple baby," and she played with it all day long.  In fact, she would not let me read her the books because, as she explained, they belonged to "purple baby."  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mary, Abby, and Irene!!


Elizabeth said...

Okay - just the way he is holding his head up in that picture and his eyes are looking around - that, to me, doesn't bode well for sleep. They have to grow up - don't they? and that means going through the "I don't like to sleep as a child" stage. Oh well - you know the way to our house - and you are welcomed. Also - I know the way to your house, don't I?

Love the pictures, anyway. Love mom

Mary Ann said...

How can I say over and over again how cute Ada and John are. I love the pictures. I'm dying to see John in person. So adorable about "purple baby".

Love y'all,
Mary Ann

Mary said...

Laura Beth & Ada,
We are all so happy that Ada likes purple baby!! I think your house looks phenomenally clean, and I pray that you continue to give yourself grace as you do what you need to and get through these tough days, while savoring them too! Miss you but we are all praying for you!

ann said...

Such cute pictures! Sounds like you are doing extremely well under the circumstances. Good job taking it one hour at a time-always been a hard thing for me to do.