Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a Day: Again, it's long, bear with me.

Okay, let me start with a quick update on what is going on in our world.

Yesterday mom and I were talking on the phone, and in a spur of the moment, whirlwind decision, mom met me a few exits above Atlanta to pick up Ada and take her to Scottsboro. We decided this would be best for everyone under the circumstances. Ada was excited, and it will allow me to rest and wait this labor out without worrying about getting Ada situated in the process. If nothing happens in the next several days, mom will head back this way with Ada in tow. Hormonally, I am not all together, so I have been a bit emotional about the Ada separation, but I know it really is the most practical solution. And Ada isn't worried about it. Just me.

In other pregnancy news...there is no news. I went to the doctor again today, and I was 1.5 centimeters. Woo-hoo...another half a centimeter (note sarcasm). I do think I am rather effaced, which I assume those of you who care, know what that means, and those of you who don't care, would rather me not explain. I think it's better to be effaced than dilated, right? I also scheduled appointments for the next two weeks. If I have to go to my doctor's appointment on the 16th (my due date is the 10th), it will not be pretty.

Okay, so I left the doctor a bit worn out and discouraged and grumbling to the Lord about how it felt like John would never get here despite the never-ending stop/start contractions. I also grumbled a bit to mom and then Ann on the phone. And even Scott and my college bff, Amy Speakman. I thought I might even cry a few tears of frustration, but they never came.

Well, I noticed about halfway home that my gas light came on, but I thought I had plenty of time to make it to the house without stopping because all I really wanted was to get home and into something comfortable. I was wrong.
About five minutes from my house, I ran out of gas. Completely out of gas.

So, I coasted to the side of the road, and I called Scott--at this point a few tears were falling.

Technically, I was close enough to walk home, and maybe if I had, then I would have gone into labor finally, but I didn't think I should just leave the car there, and I didn't think my body would hold out for that long of a walk. So Scott said to stay put, and he was on the way.

Well, the next thing I know, a policeman is pulling over and walking up to the car. I explained my situation, and he told me he would drive me to the QT down the road, so that I could get some gas. So, there I go, 39 weeks pregnant, climbing into the back of this police car. No joke. I laughed as I got in and said, "I've never ridden in a police car before."

Ya'll, it was a bit humiliating to pull up to that QT in the back of the police car. And then when I tried to get out, I realized you can't let yourself out, that would probably defeat the purpose, right?
Anyway, we got the gasoline, he drove me back to my car, and Scott came home anyway because I think he thought I might be an emotional wreck. And honestly, I was laughing instead of crying by the time he got here. After that, I climbed into bed and slept for two hours, and now I am anxiously waiting for the season premiere of Lost. Get excited!!!
On a completely separate note, I did want to show you a few pictures of John's room. I took most of these this evening, so excuse the lighting and picture quality. I repeat--we have been given so much.
My mom did the pictures hanging above John's bed. I love them. I actually bought the bed and bedding back when I was first pregnant with Ada. They were on clearance at Target, and I jumped the gun, thinking they were neutral enough, and I bought them. When I found out that Ada was a girl, I realized that I wanted her room to be very girly, so the bed and bedding have been at mom's since then. The glider was Ann's through all of her newborns, and mom (UPDATE: Mary Ann also bought this for me!!! I am so sorry, Mary Ann, if you read this before the update. Please forgive my absentmindedness. I know that you also bought it for me) bought it from her and gave it to me. It is a nice glider, and mom's plan is to continue to pass it around to all the sisters. I am so thankful to have it because I didn't have a comfy glider with Ada. I gave that up when I decided to redecorate her entire room:)The changing table was Ada's. I bought it off Craigslist for 25.00 when we moved into this house. She didn't have room for a changing table in our apartment. The little duck was a gift at the work baby shower, and Ada loves it. I don't think John will even get to use it. Ada hugs it, talks to it, and lounges in it. She also puts her baby doll in it and drags it around. Tutti was getting rid of the chests of drawers you see above, and we gladly took them off her hands. Thank you, Tutti!! I want to purchase a mirror to hang over those. I also want to buy some really cute Animal wall cards from Land of Nod, but that will all come in time. His room is a work in progress for now.The diapers, oh the diapers. Above you see just the size one diapers that we have been given. His changing table is stocked with newborn diapers, and below are boxes of size 2s and 3s. Really, I am overwhelmed by the generosity. My family gave me a baby shower, Scott's family gave me a surprise baby shower, Tutti and Jessica gave me a baby shower, and Scott's work gave me a baby shower. We have not bought anything for this little guy.And the clothes. Ann has given me all of Andrew's old stuff, and we have also been given several new things and other hand-me-downs. I have several precious Feltman Brothers outfits that I can't wait to put on him despite Scott's protests.
We are ready for this little guy, if my body will just do it's thing.


Elizabeth said...

I love the room! It looks great! So glad to see the pictures in there.

Major correction - Mary Ann and I both gave you the glider - Mary Ann paid for half of it - and I the other half. She always is a pinch hitter for me in those situations.

Anyway - the room looks great and naturally I'm going straight to Land of Nod to see what Animal cards you're talking about.


Jessica said...

OH LB, you didn't tell me about the police car ride! I'm so sorry. What a day! I couldn't help but laugh though.
LOVE the pictures...your mom should sell those...I'd buy them!

Bethany said...

What a day! I should hope that you've never taken a ride in a police car before! LOL! John's room looks awesome!! We had that same duck for Caroline when we lived in Guatemala. She LOVED it! I left it there and then bought another one when we came home. Couldn't have done baths without it (of course, she wasn't a newborn). :) I DESPERATELY need to come see you and give you your gifts. Perhaps, I'll 'stop' by tomorrow. ;)

Tutti said...

wow, i can't believe you ran out of gas. that's something i would do and have, although, i have never ridden in the back of a police car. that's a great story and one that you can use when in a true or false game about you. your mom did such an incredible job on the paintings...i really want to know how she did it. the room looks so soothing and comfortable. beautiful!

Lindsay said...

So sorry about your frustrating day! I hope he comes soon! Those pictures your mom did are sooo precious!! Perfect for a little boy's room!

The Henderson Family said...

I can't believe John and Andrew will be almost exactly a year apart. How perfect for clothes and stuff! And just fun:) Ann told me about your mom's paintings - they look so amazing! Hang in there - you are SO CLOSE!!

Ashley said...

What a great (bad) story - you and the gas and the policeman!!! I can just see it now...poor thing! Just keep committing this time to the Lord...we get so very impatient at the very end, but God has his birth in a sovereign plan - date, time, place, details. You don't have to worry about one single aspect of it! Rest...in His hands!!!

The room is adorable, and what a great help the diapers are (I just bought my first box the other day!). Much love to the Moores!

Katie said...

We can't wait to meet baby John!!! Get some rest now so you can be ready for that angel when he gets here!!! We love you and are thinking about you!!!

Lauren said...

I know I felt like Noah would never arrive. But they do get here at some point :-) Love the nursery!! I have to get some new bedding for my baby bed for Noah. He and Olivia have to share a room and I know he would rather not sleep on pink shappy chic bedding. :-) I'll have to look at Target.

laura.murphree said...

The room is too cute. I love the police ride story. Oh, the situations pregnant women get themselves into. I always got myself into situations at the grocery store. I hope he comes soon!

Mary said...

LB, I was laughing so much about the police car escapade that all the kids came over to the computer demanding to know what was so funny!? It sounds like something that would happen to me at 9 months preg ! The room looks so nice, it makes me want to go sleep there! ; )

Amanda said...

That cop story is such hilarious!!! Oh what a great story to tell John one day..ha! Love his nursery and the wall color...love it!

Nicole said...

LB I just had to laugh with you as I was reading your story about the police car. I love the nursery!!!