Saturday, April 17, 2010

Addition to the Ada post

Okay, there are two stories that I have to add to the Ada post below.

1.  Ada has a pink bath towel with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and the Little Mermaid on it--a Christmas gift from my mom.  Well, the other night when she was getting out of the bath tub, I had just a plain white towel waiting on her.  Her response to this, "I want the sleeping Tutti towel, mommy."  Oh I laughed so hard.  I certainly didn't correct her, so now, in our house, Sleeping Beauty is known as sleeping Tutti.  Tutti, you're a famous Disney Princess.

2.  This story happened this morning.  We were in the car--the whole family--and Scott had to slam on his breaks when the car in front of him stopped.  Ada said, "daddy, don't hit the red car, right?"  And we said, "right," and she said, "if we hit the car, it would break, right?  And it would fall down.  That would be silly." and she broke into loud laughter as if it was the funniest thought ever.  So true, Ada, so true.  I would hate for the car to fall down.

p.s.  Luke always says something followed by the question, "right?"  for confirmation.  Well, Ada has picked up this habit, so she always ends her sentences with "right?"  and we have to confirm that she is right.


Mary Ann said...

Laura Beth,

Today is Saturday, and I've just read your blog posts about Ada for today and yesterday. Oh, that angel girl. Thank you so much for telling all the adorable things she is saying and doing. The pix of her playing in the dirt are too cute.

How honored am I that she includes me in her pretend hugging routine at bedtime!

Mary Ann

Elizabeth said...

Laura Beth, wouldn't it be funny if Ellie heard Ada say Sleeping Tutti and corrected her, telling her it is Sleeping Judy. Oh my goodness, that would hilarious, and I can see it happening.

Tutti said...

That girl is so cute and so funny!