Saturday, April 10, 2010

More prayer time with Ada

I have tried to teach Ada that in order to do anything good, you know like be sweet, obey, pick up toys--those toddler type things--she can ask Jesus to help her.  I want her to understand to the best of her ability that it is Christ in us that enables us to obey His word.

So...most nights when we pray, I always have her repeat after me, and we usually pray, "help me to obey mommy and daddy." 

Tonight, she was praying on her own, not repeating after me, and she said the usual, "thank you for mommy, daddy, and John," and then she listed everything else in her room including the box of wipes on her chest of drawers, and then... "help me to be obedient." 

Oh my word, Scott and I immediately locked eyes, and he whispered, "what did she say?"  and I know, of course, that she is simply remembering what we have prayed all those nights before, but at the end of a very long day, it sure does help to hear my two year old pray for obedience.  Oh man.  Now if God will just answer that prayer ;)