Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sunday School with Ellie
after church, coloring with her new color wonder markers (those things are the main reason we survived the doctor's appointment yesterday, by the way).
sweet boy in daddy's lap--does his hair look a bit red to you?
Ada's response to my request that she stand beside Ellie and Luke for a picture.  Did I mention that she didn't feel well?
My two stinkers.  See John's face?  He loves it when I kiss him ;)


Amanda said...

John is HUGE for 8 weeks. Or maybe it is b/c you are so small. He looks so healthy, older than his age. Your children are beautiful Laura Beth. I want to see yall soon. If yall are over this way one weekend, we should get together and grill out at our house.

Ashley said...

Love the pics! What a beautiful family on a beautiful day! John is just growing into his own - and, I'm so glad to know he's sleeping like that. Kate did the same thing...6 hrs and then 7 then 8. You'll get there before you know it!

Rachel said...

That is the sweetest picture of him on Scott's lap- his hair is red! Wow!

Ada looks precious in her dress. Where did you get it??

Mary said...

Great pictures! Don't you think in that shot of John he looks a bit like Scott? He is looking less like a newborn and much more like a person! (Not that newborns aren't people too...you know what I mean! haha!