Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anniversary Week

On Thursday, Scott and I celebrate four years of marriage, so I thought I would use this week to take a little walk down memory lane.

What you see above is a picture that was taken when Scott I had been dating for maybe two weeks?  We were headed to ADPi's Spring semi-formal, and we were new enough that I was feeling a bit nervous.  We were double dating with my dear friend and future bridesmaid, Shannon Farrar (now Vinsen--she married Allen, the guy in the picture).

What is significant about this night?  Scott held my hand for the first time;).  I know, big deal, right?  But I still remember him reaching back to take my hand as we made our way through a very crowded room, and I felt a bit "giggly" on the inside.

I was a senior in college when Scott and I started dating.  I lived in a very big old house with 12 other girls, and Scott and his guy friends often hung out at our place.  Scott had a class with Shannon (pictured above), and he came over to study one night.  I shared a room with Shannon, and I had just changed my major from fashion to English second semester of my junior year.  I remember sitting on my bed, clumsily making my way through The Canterbury Tales written entirely in middle English.  Every once in a while, I would say something out to loud to Shannon and Scott, venting my frustration over the language of the story.  From that night on, Scott and I were good friends, though it would be many months before the relationship would become anything more than that--good friends.  Scott was liking someone else at the time, as was I, and we had the luxury of getting to know each other apart from any complicated games that often come with guy/girl relationships.

I think discovering that we liked each other as more than friends came as a surprise to both of us.  My life was in a messy place at that time, and I was somewhat confused that this was when God decided that my future husband should show up.  I remember thinking, as I waded through the mess of that year, that surely Scott was going to decide that it just wasn't worth it.  I prayed, oh I prayed, because it didn't make a lot of sense that he was sticking around.  But he stuck.  And we stuck.  And here we are, two babies later, and my life is still pretty messy most of the time.  From the very beginning, Scott has been a calming force in the midst of my mess, and I am so thankful for who he is.  It was his kind heart that first attracted me to him.  He seemed like the safest person in the whole world at the time, and he continues to be my "safe place."

Tomorrow I will share the proposal story...I know you can hardly wait;)


Jessica said...

love it! thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

It has been so neat to see how God has taken y'all so far! Scott and I weren't talking as much when y'all started dating as we used to, but I do remember that he was liking someone else (as were you), and how y'all just really seemed to "happen!" It was so cool! I'm so grateful to know that my old buddy Scott has such a great person like you for his wife!

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

loved the flashback! while i was reading, i remember when scott would come over and run with you:)

Sarah Garner said...

This is such a sweet post! I love it. I was thinking I could come to mcdonough to see you since I am a bit more flexible. I would love to see the kids too. Can't wait to hear about lunch with Kate too. Sad I missed it!

Amanda said...

Aww sweet Scott. I loved this flashback as well! Can't wait for the proposal story :)

Nicole said...

That is sweet!!