Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Months

Oh little John, I just want to kiss you.  All of the time.  And squeeze those chunky legs.

And that smell, that baby smell.  I can't get enough.

What else, you ask?  That fuzzy hair that tickles my chin when he sits in my lap. 

He's beginning to coo, and that just makes me melt.  I will do just about anything to get him to smile and coo.

We went for his two month check up today.  He weighs in at 12.5 lbs, putting him in the 50th percentile.  So the jury is out on if he will be big or small.  He seems like such a chunk to me, but who knows what will happen.  Ada didn't drop to the 1st percentile until she started walking around.

He also had to get four shots.  That will break a mama's heart.  He screamed so hard that his face turned purple, and I thought he was going to pass out.  (He tends to do that--scream until his face is purple, and I am begging him to breath).

Ada was with me, of course, and she was so relieved that it was John's "turn" and not hers.  She loves going to the doctor when it's John's turn.  All she has to do is play with the toys and pick out a princess sticker. 

Everything else looked great.  He is as healthy as can be. 

And before I say good-night, I have to tell a funny Ada story that will probably only be cute/funny to my family. 

As I have mentioned, Ada loves to pretend, so tonight during bath and bed time, Ada announced that she was Luke, I was Ann, Scott was Steve, and John was Andrew.  (We had no one to "play" Ellie).  We were out of the bath and onto pajamas, I began to discipline her for disobedience (which is at an all time high).  Her little face began to crumble, so I started to explain that the reason I had to discipline was because I love her, and I said, "Ada, do you understand," and through her tears, she looked at me so seriously and said, "I'm, Luke."  So, I replied, "Okay, Luke, do you understand why you have to obey?"  And we went on with the rest of the conversation.

And there's an update on the kiddos.

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Katie said...

I love the striped outfit of Johns and the adorable watermelon dress Ada has on!!!