Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potty Training Update

Well yesterday didn't go so well.  Ada seemed so miserable, that I finally gave in and put a diaper on her, and as soon as that diaper was on, it was full--proof that she is able to "hold it."  I was so frustrated.

So...I woke up this morning with new resolve.  Plus I have promised that if Ada can use the potty all day today and all day tomorrow, then we can go to Target to pick out new panties, new Color Wonder markers and paper (we love these!!), and, best of all, chocolate!!!  She is back in panties this morning, and I am more determined than ever. 

Thanks for all the advice, friends.  It really helped!!

By the way, I have totally dropped the ball on the anniversary posts.  You know, the best laid plans...

But I do have a wedding dress story I want to tell...I'll hopefully be back later today.

Happy Anniversary, Scott.  I love you!!

The scene at our house...

"Clementine" is also being potty trained.  Ada decided that Clementine should wear "jingle bell" panties (translation=tinker bell).
We've got Elmo on tv, and you know, weights.  What can I say, we like to multitask around here.
And books.  Lots and lots of books.  We've got to kill time, after all.

And, best of all, brownies in the oven.  Just in case we have success and need a reward.

p.s. that is Santa Claus on her pajama top.  That was Scott's doing. 

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Mary said...

Love this post! Not sure why, I guess it just makes me feel like someone else's life is a little like mine (thinking of the "weights" comment! You crack me up!) I hope potty training is going better now!