Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One of those days

It's just one of those days, ya'll.

I am sleepy, and the house is a wreck, and John has cried all day long.  Yet, when I try to nurse him, he doesn't really want to do that either.  And that walk we tried to take to get us all out of the house--he screamed then too. 

Finally at 12:30, I threw in the towel and put them both down for a nap.  A little early for Ada, but it provided me with some much needed alone time.

I am sitting here wasting time and thinking that if I am going to complain about the state of my house then I just need to get off my tail and clean it. 

I do have hope for our house, though.  With renewed energy that just didn't exist during pregnancy and those first weeks of sleepless nights, Scott and I plan to finally finish painting the rest of downstairs over the next few weeks.  Oh that will lift my spirits.  And we have heard of a very reasonably priced carpet cleaning company, so we also hope to have the carpet throughout the entire house cleaned.  Those two things, as simple as they may be, will really help my state of mind, I do believe.

By the way, after the carpet gets cleaned, there will be a new rule in the Moore household, especially when it pertains to my children--no eating outside of the kitchen.  Now if I can just get John to follow the same rule with his spit-up and occasional diaper explosions.

So what is the point of this post?  I am not entirely sure.  Maybe I just needed to let off a little steam, and now I am actually going to get off my tail and do something about the mess that is around me.  And be thankful for these children that cause the chaos.  Along with the frustration they bring so much joy and fun and laughter and cuddles to my life. 

Oh Lord, give me peace in the chaos.  Give me a heart to serve, and give me joy in the serving.


Mary Ann said...

Laura Beth,

What a great blog post, although I'm so sorry you had such a hectic and stressful Wed. How brave of you, however, to be so honest, and how appropriate your last two sentences for any Christian.

I know everyone says this, but, if you can just survive this particular time with your children, it really will pass by so quickly. I can remember so vividly when you and your sisters were their ages. The time literally seems to have zoomed by.

If I had good directional skills, I would drive to McDonough and help you out. About all I would be able to do, however, would be to play with Ada, and hold John once in a while, if he would let me. I can't believe how big he is!!!

Love you guys,
Mary Ann

joy said...

oh laura beth...we will survive we will survive we will survive. oh God stregthen our hands for the task, our hearts for the journey for this is tough dear Lord so tough!