Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He did it!!!! and other random news

In honor of turning eight weeks, John decided to sleep for six hours last night!!!!!!!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!!

I fed him at 8:30, and I put him down, and then went through Ada's bed time routine.  I assumed that like every other night, he would wake up at 10:30 to eat.  But he didn't.  So...at 10:45, I headed to bed, and I didn't hear from John until 2:30 am.  Then he slept until almost 6:30, and then went back to sleep and is still sleeping right now.  (It's 8:30 am).  Ada woke up at 7:30, so I even got to go back to sleep for an hour after the 6:30 feeding!!  I am on top of the world :) 

Tonight, I will go to bed earlier and try to take advantage of the six hours, just in case it happens again. 

I have also collected enough milk over the past few days, that I am going to attempt a bottle at some point this week.  If it works, and he will take it, I am going to let Scott do one bottle feeding this weekend so that I can sleep for a solid six hours at least.  We are getting to the other side of the hard part...I can feel it.

Plus, I survived taking both kids to the doctor yesterday morning all by myself.  There was some screaming on John's part, and some running around the waiting room on Ada's part, but all-in-all, it went much better than expected.  I was desperate for some allergy medicine that wouldn't interfere with nursing, so I tackled the doctor's visit all by myself.  While the nurse checked my blood pressure, John screamed at the top of his lungs, turning purple in the process.  I assumed my blood pressure was higher than normal at that point:)  But we did it, and I am feeling better because of the medicine.

I have lots to say about Easter, but all of my pictures are on my mom's camera (can you send those to me, mom?), so I am saving that post.  Ada wasn't feeling great, she had a fever all weekend, and I was nervous that we were once again going to miss Church on Easter morning.  But...we made it, and as usual, Steven preached a great sermon on what it looks like to live life in the power of Christ's resurrection.  Steven teaches the word with such clarity, and Scott and I take advantage of any opportunity to hear him teach.

One more comment on Easter.  In her Easter basket, Ada received a box of hello kitty band-aids.  She loves band-aids, and we have to really limit the amount that she is able to use each week.  I try to make her wait for a legitimate need for one before she can have one.  But because they were a gift, I gave her freedom with the Easter basket band-aids, and here is the result.

Ada walked around with 7 band-aids yesterday--all the way through dinner out and through Kroger and Publix.  Whatever...


Mary said...

That is fantastic, Laura Beth! Now, let's hope for a repeat performance! : ) I had to laugh at Ada's band-aids, because that was ABbie...she would bump her finger and yowl that she needed a band-aid. I was so happy for those CVS sales on band-aids!

Elizabeth said...

1st: Ann has the camera and those pictures and was sending them last night. I know she had them downloaded, but I didn't get mine. You can ask her about those.

2nd: I have a picture of you, you know the one, with bandaids all over your legs. I have to find it, scan it, and get it on a post with those of Ada. Hillarious

3rd: YAY for John!!!! YAY for the worst past being behind you!!!! We hope. :-)