Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding Dress Fiasco

So...I felt the need to reflect on something other than potty training, since we are celebrating four years of marriage today.  (But really, potty training does more accurately reflect our marriage at this point).

And I realized that I have never written about the near disaster caused by a wedding dress that just wouldn't cooperate.

Soon after Scott and I got engaged (which I never told the story, oh well, maybe next year), I started thinking about wedding dresses.  Okay, I had already been thinking about wedding dresses for a very long time, but I started thinking specifically about what wedding dress I wanted to actually wear, on my actual wedding day.  I had three specific things I was looking for--a big skirt, box pleats, and a dropped waist.  Oh, and I was fairly certain that I wanted strapless.  Well, it dawned on me that Ann's wedding dress had a big skirt, with box pleats, and a dropped waist.  Perfect, right? 

So we took the dress to a local Scottsboro shop to see if they could change it from an off the shoulder to a strapless dress, and they said, sure, no problem.
In the mean time, I began to diet and work out, you know to get in shape for the big day.  What girl doesn't do this?  I mean if there is ever a time to look your best, this is it.

Well, I was going to fittings, and of course I noticed that the dress was rather heavy, and I noticed that they were having to take it up quite a bit in the bodice, but no big deal, right?


On the day of my wedding, when I finally had the dress on, and I began to walk around, I realized we had a problem.  The dress would not stay up.  This dress was not meant to be a strapless dress, and it was just too heavy.  Plus, I had lost some weight between the final fitting and the wedding day.  Combine these two things, and I was in a bit of a panic.  Luckily, I had 13 bridesmaids to help me out:)

We tried duct tape.  We tried holding my arms very tight against the dress as I walked.  I tried panicking and crying and racking my brain for an alternate plan.  Guess what?  I had no back up wedding dress, which is what I announced to the room.  "This is my only dress option,"  I announced.  You think?  And we went back to holding my arms against my side in an attempt to hold the dress up.

Well, we hoped this would work, and I went on with the day.  And soon it was the big moment.  Time to walk down the aisle. 

I am so very happy, eyes on my groom, believing that everything is going just as it should, and I reach the end of the aisle.

And then I feel my mother walk up behind me, and give a big jerk on my dress--as in she pulled it up.  As in, this was not done in the rehearsal.  And I had no idea how low my dress had been as I walked down the aisle.  In horror, I imagined that I had walked down the aisle flashing the world.  Oh the horror. 

My back was to the crowd at this point, and every one of my bridesmaids could see the terror on my face.  The guests were singing the hymn that I had picked, and I was silently pleading with Ann to reassure me that I had not, in fact, flashed the entire sanctuary.  on my wedding day!!!  She, along with the other 12 bridesmaids, kept huge smiles on their faces, as they were facing the crowd, and she kept mouthing, "it's okay, it's okay." 

I managed to get through the ceremony, and actually pay attention to the vows I was making--the covenant I was entering into--but in the back of my mind, all I could think about was my mother pulling my wedding dress up. 

As soon as the ceremony was over, I did find out that it wasn't as bad as imagined.  The dress was coming down in the back, but my mom pulled it up in order to prevent anything worse happening. 

I loved my wedding, and I often wish I could relive the day.  But if I did, and I once again opted for a strapless dress, I would choose one that was made to be strapless.  Single girls, learn from my mistake.

p.s.  Ada has used the bathroom in the potty twice!!!  And on our anniversary, I have called Scott three times at work, not to tell him how much I love him and how happy I am that he married me, but to update him on the potty training progress.  Now that is what marriage really is, right?


Deanna said...

Potty training...that's the stuff that really makes a marriage. : ) At least you can say you have a very memorable story about your wedding dress! I'm sure I would have panicked, and probably made someone sew some ribbons on the top or something.

Jennifer said...

You were a beautiful bride! Even if someone might have seen a little more of you than you'd have preferred :) Are all those red brick buildings Auburn? My ONLY regret about my wedding is that we didn't do it in Auburn, and I knew ahead of time that this would be a huge regret. Good work on the potty training!
And thanks for the advice. I'm gonna give myself two weeks to stop eating a bag of hershey kisses every day, maybe exercise or go for a walk, and find out if I'm pregnant. If I'm not, and changing my diet and exercise doesn't help, I'm gonna make a doctor's appointment. I just can't keep this up!

Amber said...

I don't remembering you having any dress problems or your mom jerking your dress up for you. I just remember being happy that my friend Scott seemed so happy!

Calis said...

Oh Laura Beth, what a fun walk down memory lane. I definitely remembered you guys trying the duct tape and that the dress was sliding down a lot, but like amber, did not remember your mom yanking on your dress. You definitely didn't flash anyone, because those things, as a photographer, you just don't forget. :o) It doesn't seem like it was that long ago... :o) Glad that you guys are still rocking married life and that you guys are so grounded. Love reading your blogs and it's nice to have been a part of your wedding day. Thanks for letting me take your photos, and of course, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

joy said...

absolutely my sweet friend...absolutely! and yes, you were beautiful..absolutely beautiful.i remember that day, i remember Anns sweet encouragement and that look of doubt as you looked at us all!!