Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I know, I know.  I am so behind the rest of the world, in that I am just now reading this book, but oh my goodness, it's convicting.

Now, I don't necessarily agree with all of the theology of the book, but I do believe that these men and women genuinely love the Lord, and I am humbled by the story.  Have you read it?  If not, you may not know what I am talking about.

Basically, this is the TRUE story of a multi-millionaire art dealer and his relationship (strongly encouraged by his wife) with a homeless man.  What I am most encouraged/convicted by is that Ron (the name of the millionaire) goes far beyond simply serving meals once a week and instead forms a genuine, family-like relationship with Denver (the homeless man).

My eyes were also opened to the depths of poverty that still exist, especially here in the South.  It's shocking.  And, of course, my first response is to frantically try to figure out what I can do; how can I respond to this conviction--mainly to satisfy my own conscience, being completely honest.  But then I think, a relationship like the one in this story, can only be formed by the power of Christ.  So, really, my response should be prayer and submission to wherever, whenever, whatever Christ leads me to do.

Anyway, my point is, yes the book may seem like a fad, but I absolutely think it's worth the read!!!

(can you tell I have a computer during the day again?  I am blogging like crazy, and I am afraid my house is going to suffer as a result.  I am off to do a little mothering and housekeeping)

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Lindsay said...

I loved this and was convicted by it as well - probably partially why we took in the young boy that we did. Even though it didn't work out (the way we planned anyway) with him, we were so blessed by submitting to Christ and establishing a relationship with someone less fortunate.