Thursday, July 14, 2011

Exactly What I Needed to Read Tonight

I have had an emotionally hard day.  Just being honest, I basically am tired of life feeling hard.  (I say feeling because I know that my life really isn't hard).  I told the Lord tonight that I am ready for some relief, for this hard season to end.  I am done.  As if it's up to me.

And then, I had to do my nightly prayer at Ada's bed time.  It was hard for me to even know what to pray because all I could think to pray was, get us out of this situation.  So, instead, I reminded the Lord that he promises that he will be my strength, and I needed that strength tonight.

Then, I came downstairs, the kids in bed, and I pulled up my google reader.  I found this article on the GirlTalk blog, and I decided to click on the link to read the entire article.

It was so worth it.  The words of this article gave me the strength I needed to keep on keeping on.

And it's weird because my "down" day wasn't about motherhood exactly, but more about the circumstances in which I am having to mother.  But still, the idea of laying down all of my ideas about my life really hit home.  I have been fighting the Lord all day because I don't want to lay down my life.  But that's exactly what the gospel commands us to do.

It's crazy how the truth of who God is always brings peace.  Always.


Lindsay said...

Wow. That sure does remind me of the importance of the role I am about to take on AND of how much of God's grace I'm going to need to do it that way!

'licious said...

thanks for posting. it was great to read.

i have been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it. not sure if i have ever commented or not. but i always enjoy your posts.