Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Down Time

Hannah is at our house playing for the afternoon, during her brother, Grant's, doctor's appointment.
(They are currently playing princess "sisters," but Ada has chosen mismatched pajamas for her costume)

At this age, it is actually a huge help (for the most part) for someone to be over here playing with Ada.  It gives me a chance to get things done around the house without Ada constantly underfoot.  Yes, it does mean toys everywhere, but everyday means toys everywhere, so that's really not a big difference.

We had a very busy morning just running around doing errands and things, which of course means sweating to death just to get from house to car from car to building and back to car, over and over again.  This heat, it's a killer.

Then I came home and attacked my family room and kitchen, which were both in need of some major cleaning (as is the entire house).  I cleared clutter and vacuumed floors and mopped the foyer, and finally, I decided I had earned a little computer time;) (Mom, I knew you would be glad to hear that I did quite a bit of cleaning today, and Scott cleaned the master bedroom!!)

Scott is out of the house at Chick-fil-a, using their free wi-fi to do a little job hunting and e-mailing, etc. etc. etc.  You know, the new normal around here:)  He likes to get out of the house for several hours a day to work on finding a new job.  He is also working for a friend several days a week, you know hourly pay kind of stuff--right now anything for a little cash to pad the severance pay;)  We are thankful for that work, as opposed to, you know, no work. 

And that is what the day-to-day looks like right now.  We are hoping this is just a short, short little blip on our life screen, but who knows what God is doing?  It's hard to say.  I am just going to keep praying the same prayer--can we get out of debt, build savings, give in abundance?  I will pray that prayer until he changes my heart about wanting those things.

I also, in a leap of faith kind of moment, went ahead and registered Ada for Classical Conversations, which starts in the fall.  Obviously, I don't know what the next few months of our life are going to look like, but I want to create and maintain as much of a routine as possible with Ada and John, and she has been so excited to start school, so we are moving forward with that plan.  That will start August 24th.  I think I am going to do most of our school upstairs in the guest room.  It is the least cluttered, quietest place in the house, so I think it will be easy to store our few school items up there.  I was going to use the downstairs play room, but it is such a wreck all of the time, that I just couldn't imagine trying to do school in the midst of that chaos.  Plus, I want to make it clear that we aren't playing school.  Right now, the dining room table is home to all of my school paraphernalia  but I plan to attack that room next, as soon as this computer time is over.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in a give a little update on what our life is looking like these days.

Please continue to pray that Scott quickly finds a new job, and that we continue to rest in God's promise of provision.  I am weary of this "season" of life, and I find myself wanting to forget it all, but, obviously, that is not an option;)

Okay, I am off to do a little pinteresting before I get back to the task at hand.

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