Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yard Sale Tips, Anyone?

Changes are on the horizon.  Obviously.

And one aspect of those changes involves a very large cleaning out of my house--top to bottom--nothing is safe (well, any furniture given to me by extended family is safe.  I promise I will not get rid of anything given to me without permission!!  And most of what has been given to me I don't want to get rid of.  That's the good furniture.  The stuff we bought is the cheap stuff).

So, I know that some of my readers must have some great yard sale advice.  Do you?

I have already talked to some friends for their advice, and I am gathering ideas.  I need this to be as painless as possible for my unorganized self.  I need step-by-step instructions, people, or I might have a disaster on my hands.

Please, help me.  Where do I start?  What do I do?  How do I advertise?  What about pricing?  Do you have any great advice or resources for me?

Thanks, friends!!


Shelby Baker said...

Only price stuff for what YOU would give for it at a yard sale. If you do two days (some people even do thurs-sat) make sure you stick with your price firmly the first day, and then lower on the second day. Depending on how much you want to get rid of your stuff, you can even have a pile of stuff you don't want back at all, and have a ''free'' pile on the last day of your yard sale. It's a hit. Also, the more families you can get involved with you, the more people will come. Poster board is a great way to advertise, with balloons! Call the local radio stations, newspaper, etc., as well. Just a few tips :)

Nicole said...

Start organizing all you want to sale. I suggest making a designated area. I also suggest pricing everything uless you want people constantly asking you all day "how much is this?" People expect to get "yard sale" prices. I would make everything even prices so its easier at checkout. I have a hard time pricing because I think of how much I paid for it. You can't think like that or you will never sale it :)
Good luck!!!

julie said...

we made $700 at our yardsale using the website below! (and we had a lot of furniture and huge things to sell) I was dreading the day but it turned out really well and easy. I advertised on craigslist as a "multi-family yardsale" b/c I had one coworker and his wife come sell too. Check out the tips this lady has: (and just know that no matter how many times you write or say "no early birds" people will come while you're setting up)

Deanna said...

I have noooo idea how to go about advertising in a larger city, but the Craigslist suggestion is probably a good one. Love Shelby's advice as well.

We have found over the past couple of years that Labor Day is the most profitable weekend here in Scottsboro. I'm setting up with my aunt this year to finally clear out some baby stuff. I don't know if it's the effect of being close to the square for the First Monday/Art Sunday stuff, or holiday weekends are good in general? Good luck!

Jenny said...

Advertise on Craigslist, and also check out Money Saving Mom, she has a great article on how to have a successful yard sale. Good luck!

Lauren said...

i'm planning to have a yard sale in a couple weeks. Here are some tips I have picked up along the way.
1. price everything and think yard sale price if you want it to sale.
2. Advertise!! Local newspaper, Craigslist, etc
3. Try to have someone go in with you so you are then a multi-family sale. Several of my family members and friends are going to be donating their stuff (already priced) and I'm going to be hosting the sale.
4. Give good directions (I hate not being able to find a house)
5.Try to avoid big piles of clothes and boxes. People want to see what you have for sale. try layering clothes on a table or hanging them on a rod.
6. Open early ( I'm going to be having a Thurs-Fri sale and I would like to catch people on their way to work)
Hope the tips help. Praying for you guys!!

Anna said...

A blog that I follow, IHeartOrganizing, did a great post on this. One of the links is to an earlier post she did with over 40 comments of helpful info. You can find it here:

(By the way, I know you don't know me, but I found your blog through a friend of a friend and have been following. Praying for y'all!)

Jess said...

Def. post it on Craigslist.
Simple Sign-age! As in bright poster board with a large arrow and the words "YARD SALE"...don't list everything you are selling.
Designate boxes for yard sale stuff and price it when you put it in the box. And price it cheap!!! Don't deal with less than quarters!
Put as much stuff on tables as you can. Mark boxes with purses etc with one price...ex all purses $1. Call the boy scouts or AKS to come pick up what you don't sell. Get your fanny-pack out and keep your money in it! :) and take a picture of that last tip!

Katie B said...

hey LB... i have heard of people doing a Facebook sale... and it worked out pretty well... just making an album and posting. I know Ashley Warren did this and got a lot of cash!