Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Is Getting Crazy

Well, just like that, our life is getting a bit turned upside down, but we are encouraged and excited because we know that this "season" of life will always mark a turning point for us.  We have been praying to get out of debt, build savings, and give, give, give, and we think God is answering those prayers, just not how we would have done it ;) 

Since there is no immediate job on the horizon (though, praise-the-Lord, many potential things in the works), we have talked to the mortgage company, and we are putting our house on the market.

In the mean time, we have found a tiny little rental house near our town's square.  Think character ;)  It is an old home, but very livable and clean.  In fact, as we speak the carpets are being cleaned and the walls are being painted.  We love the location, we love the yard, and best of all, we can afford the rent and still manage to get food on the table and utilities paid.  God is providing in bits and pieces; he truly is.

While Scott continues to work full time at our friend's furniture store, I will be doing lots of little things in the fall to help pad the income--watching a friend's little boy twice a week, tutoring through our home school group, tutoring on my own, and I'm probably leaving something out.  Really, we laugh at all of the little odd jobs I have going, but we are so very thankful as we have clearly seen God work out the details with each of them.  And, most important to me, all of the above jobs allow for me to be at home with my children.  I do have two different friends who are going to watch Ada and John while I tutor twice a week (two hours at a time), so the trend continues--friends are truly helping to carry our burdens. 

We have a peace about all that God is doing, and even, believe it or not, an excitement.  It all screams of God's hand at work.

The house is small--2 bedroom, 1 bath, so we are purging the current house of stuff.  Big time.  There is enough room though that we will be able to have a play room/school room, which I am super thankful for.  And there is a roomy screened in front porch, which I hope to use quite a bit, increasing the living space.  The screen door locks, so I am hoping that in the fall, I can leave the front door open, and let the kids run around out on the front porch.  The main adjustment will be that Ada and John will have to share a room, but I am prepared for a few nights of craziness and trusting that eventually it will work itself out.  (But I am open to tips from other moms who have toddlers and preschoolers sharing a room). 

We signed the lease this morning, so it's done.  And life feels a bit like a whirlwind.  I am hoping to move into the house the week of August 14th because school starts the 24th, and along with school starting all of my "little jobs."  I want some sense of being settled before all of that begins.  The good thing is that most of the craziness will occur on Mon-Wed, and then it will just be the normal routine the rest of the week.  It will hopefully give me a chance to catch my breath each week.  Again, we are so thankful that God is allowing all of these details to fall in place, and in the process, giving us such a peace about it. 

At the end of the day what matters is that my family will be together under one roof, and life will go on much as it always has.  Yes, the quarters will be closer, but we will be comfortable, and we honestly like the location of our tiny house better than where we are right now.  Plus, we feel excited at the possibility of attacking our debt with intensity once Scott gets his next "real" job.  And we trust that he will ;)

If you think about it, will you pray that God will give me energy and patience as we make this transition?  It's a lot, and I know that it won't all be smooth sailing.  Of course Ada has questions and is expressing her desire not to move.  But I have to trust that God is using this past year's events to shape little Ada as much as he is using it to shape Scott and me.  I know that her world is safe, and I have to be okay with her feeling a bit uncomfortable at times.  It's part of life, right?


Laura Forman said...

Wow...lots going on in your little family! Praying for you as you pack up and start to downsize. We live in a two bedroom house right now. While it is small, I do love it. The best part about it being small is a lot less to clean! :) But...the kids sharing the same that is where I am a still fearful, (Jack sleeps in a crib in the corner of our room) I desperately want him to share a room with Sadie but I also desire sleep each night. I hope that someone will share their tips, b/c I really really need them in the same room!
Praying for you in the weeks to come as you do all of your "little jobs" and yet do the most important job of all, wife and mother!

Carrie said...

LB your attitude about all the changes is amazing. The rental house sounds awesome. I love the front porch and character! My boys do not share a room yet but will in a few years. But when we go out of town to our parents or the beach last week they did. I have found that putting down the sounder sleeper (which is Miller) about thirty to forty minutes earlier than the older helped. We made going to be quiet a game for Noah. And we had a special spot for stories while we waited for Miller to fall asleep. Miller falls asleep to a CD and when we tucked Noah in we restarted it. Seemed to help.

Margaret said...

Definetly praying for energy & peace for you. A blessing that you are still able to be home with your babies, and have a few money makers on the side, indeed! And the rental house sounds like a fun adventure. Love grows best in little houses {I do believe that is an old country song-ha ha} but it holds a lot of truth I think!

Elizabeth said...

Laura Beth!! I just remembered, from one of the comments, that screen i used to have in the upstairs bedroom. It's on loan now but they're done with it. Do you think that would be useful between their beds? Of course there's the concern of its being pushed over. Wish there was a way to anchor it. Maybe it's not such a good idea. Mom

Ashley Turnbull said...

Hey friend! I am thrilled to know you have a plan! It sounds like God is moving you along in his own perfect timing - I am AMAZED at the things he has provided for you: odd jobs, regular work for Scott, a new house, care for the kids. I wished we lived closer, and we would be right there with you! Please let us know - we are good at "moving," so plan on our help if you need it. I can't wait to see all that God is going to do here - you will look back (in a few years :-) and see his hand on you this entire time. Sanctification. It's all about our sanctification. Love you, Moores!

Amy said...

I wanted to give you some encouragement that Ada will adjust to the move. We have moved 3 times now with David, and everytime he does not like it and acts out. It takes an adjusting period- but, he always ends up good and adjusted and even ends up saying he likes the 'new' place better even if it is smaller and older!

6kids4me said...

When my children were little and shared a room we used a box fan to help filter out the noise. Also if you have a deeper sleeper, you may try to get them to sleep before you put the lighter sleeper to bed because the deeper sleeper would be less likely to wake up. My biggest complaint about sharing rooms is that it takes forever to get them settled down and to sleep. We had talking, giggling, etc...wait we still do and they are 15, 13, and 12 in one room. We have to put them to bed an hour before we really want them sleeping. I hope this helps. You will adjust. Stay strong and positive!

The Stewarts said...

Laura Beth - I have been following your blog almost since the good ol' Auburn days. :-) I have 3 little ones (oldest turns 4 in sept) and we had all in a very small house. this definitely doesn't sound ideal but sometimes we would put them to bed in separate rooms/areas and then move them once they were asleep. we called it "musical beds." :-) again, doesn't sound ideal but it worked really well. we have recently moved into a larger house and surprised ourselves to still be doing it so that my husband can have a home office in the mornings. will be thinking about you guys!