Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

So many pictures.  I apologize in advance.

Following a wonderful sermon, preached by Steven, all of my family (minus Sarah and Kate--missed you both so much!!) had lunch out at the clubhouse in Ann and Steve's neighborhood.  That was a good call by mom and Ann (or whomever made the call)!!  There was plenty of open space for the kids to run around, and the walls are all windows, so it was very easy for the older ones to run around outside and us still be able to see them. 

The food was wonderful, the weather was wonderful, and it was a great way to CELEBRATE our risen savior.  I just love Easter.  The colors, the spring weather, the baskets, the little girls' dresses and bows and sandals.  Everything about the holiday points to hope and celebration and peace, do you agree? 

Anyway...on to the pictures.

 I hope that I am not totally stealing Ann's thunder, but I have to brag on her and tell you that she made!!! Ellie's easter dress!!!

And after lunch, my family traveled home, and life is back to reality.  Which these days, for us, involves lots of doctors' visits.

Tomorrow we head to the pediatric optometrist for John's eye consultation.  I assume that he will need a very minor surgery to unclog his tear duct. 

And my foot and hand "drama" still continues, as the skin biopsy came back with no clear answers.  At this point, I am supposed to call the dermatologist next week, and if things aren't cleared up by then, the nurse said that they would refer me to the University here.  I am not even sure what that means.  Anyone else know?  Obviously, I will ask her to clarify if that becomes necessary:)  It is a mystery, ya'll, which is a bit unsettling.  But hopefully someone will figure this thing out and get it cleared up.  My mom and I are beginning to suspect that my skin is just a symptom of something else since the dermatologist can't figure it out.  It seems that the problem must lie elsewhere, but what do I know? 

Anyway...that is an update on us. 

I am loving seeing everyone else's Easter pictures, so keep posting!!!


Margaret said...

Loved all the pictures! Your children are beautiful! And I loved your Easter dress too! And the one your sister made your niece! Hope you get some answers this week from the dr!

Jessica said...

oh man, I called this am (forgot you were taking John to the doctor) to see about the biopsy. That is so frustrating! Praying for healing.

On a lighter note, Ada's dress is adorable! And so impressed your sister made Ellie's dress! AMAZING. A skill I wish I had! Great pictures. We took not a one picture on Easter. So sad.

Mary said...

Love the Easter pictures! Everyone looks great, but you look gorgeous in that dress, just beautiful! I am in the same boat as Jessica, no pictures of Easter at all, I am bummed.
What a mystery the skin thing is, it must have you just so perplexed! Praying for healing, and also for some answers soon!

Rachel said...

LOVE Ada's dress! That is gorgeous! Love yours too :)

elizabeth said...

Have you posted on here about what the skin looks like and where it is exaclty on your hands and feet? I wonder if someone reading might have had a similar experience or randomly knows of what it is. Just an idea :). Your kids looked adorable for Easter!

Jess said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful Mommies and babies!!! Praying that you get answers for the skin stuff!!!