Friday, April 8, 2011

My Week In a List

So, apparently I only blog on Mondays and weekends.  It's been a week...again...

I am going to list...

1.  I am having foot issues.  And by foot issues, I mean the skin on my foot.  I am not going to go into detail about that, but just know that it has taken up a large portion of this week, and the issue is not resolved.  It also involved a steroid shot in my rear end.  This is what I have to say about that...when the nurse says left hip, she doesn't mean hip.  The foot issue also involved (involves) a long list of prescriptions, but none are guaranteed to help.  Well...some of the prescriptions are for my allergies that are possibly playing a role in the foot situation.  I am basically allergic to Spring.  If it's blooming, or just out in nature, I am allergic to it.  Anyway...all of that is a lot of what has occupied my week.  I have a dermatologist appointment on Wednesday, so hopefully things will soon be resolved.

2.  Our car is still in the shop; Monday begins week three.  The mechanic is waiting on a part to arrive.  I am ready to be a two car family again.

3.  John ate a banana today, which is great.  I just handed him half of a banana, and he went to town eating it.  I realize that is a very messy way to do it, but it was the only way to get him to eat some fruit.  Success!!!!

4.  In the midst of all of that, Ada's doll Clementine has been in the hospital "with seizures" ;).  Ada keeps having to "get blood" from her.  Ada is the doctor, obviously.
5.  We joined a food co-op with some other women from church, and we received our first "batch" of food this week.  I am hoping that will shave a few dollars off the grocery budget each week. 

And those are the highlights of the week.

Beginning with the first week in March, when Ada ended up in the emergency room with seizures, our life has been rather chaotic.  I'll be honest with you, for someone who struggles with wanting to be in control, it's not comfortable for life to feel this out of my control.  I am fighting the urge to feel down, down, down about things.  But...

God is so good to be right here with me meeting specific needs.  In fact, this morning, Ada and I were praying, and we prayed that she would be able to use the bathroom easily (she still has a bit of trouble with that, and we have to constantly monitor what she is eating) and that John would eat some fruits and vegetables.  Immediately after we prayed, Ada used the bathroom (sorry, I know that's TMI!!!) and John ate a banana.  I laughed because it was as if God was saying, I am here in the midst of your day-to-day, and I am hearing your prayers.  And right now, we are asking God for some big things on a daily basis, and it often feels like our prayers are hitting a brick wall.  But in this tiny thing of John eating a piece of fruit, it was like God, in his grace and mercy, showed me that He absolutely hears.  He hears!!!!  And when these requests that feel so huge and important and urgent are returned with silence it does not take away from the truth that God is sovereign and good and merciful and working in the midst of the chaos. 

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Mary said...

Don't you love moments like that? Where you feel that through some (seemingly) insignificant event, you feel like the hand of your Father has reached down from Heaven and embraced you for just a second, to tell you ""I really DO care, I really DO love you!" It gives us enough to keep going. I love that He doesn't have to do that, but He does!!!