Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am back to post a few photos of the week so far.

I don't want to post too many from the birthday celebration in case Ann wants to do that, but I am including one or two.

John has done well this trip, making it the first time he has really been happy here, away from home.  He's growing up, I tell you;)  As I type this John is asleep in his bed.  He is worn out from a breath-holding spell.  I wouldn't let him climb my mom's hardwood stairs, and he threw himself into a fit, which ended with his passing out and being so worn out that he went down for a very early morning nap.  What if that's how we responded every time something didn't go our way?  I guess sometimes I practically do respond that way;)  

Ada loves being here because she has built in playmates in her cousins.  And, in fact, she and Andrew are playing really well together this trip, so she has added a companion to the list.  I know that I will blink and John will be in on the "cousin fun."  

My mom has a backyard that begs these kiddos to come out and play.  John is no exception.  He continually walks up to the back door, points, and uses his "syllables" to indicate that he wants to go outside!!  He has made a game of going up and down the ramp and stairs to the back porch.  In the second picture he is sitting on the steps to my mom's art studio.

Here are a few shots from the birthday celebration.  Ann, Ellie, Luke, Ada, and I ate lunch at Nothing but Noodles (Ellie's choice) and then "built" bears at Build-a-Bear.  Build-a-Bear has mastered the art of taking your money, haven't they?  Oh my word.  Ada wanted every little accessory that she saw.  Instead, she was able to choose a basic bear and one outfit.  She chose the ballerina outfit, complete with "toe" shoes.  It was a fun experience for her. 

And then, while Ellie picked an outfit at Gymboree, Ada and Luke played in this play area.  They loved it.  They were playing all kinds of astronaut games.  (Did you know that my absolute nightmare of all nightmares is to go into space?  It makes me nearly hyperventilate just thinking about it).
And in the midst of all this fun, I am still dealing with the foot issue, which has turned into a hand issue as well.  We ended up in Huntsville yesterday afternoon to see a doctor.  (The third doctor I have seen about this).  I am on some new medication, and hopefully, hopefully, this will work.  If not, I have a follow-up appointment on Friday afternoon (which truthfully, I don't really think the new medicine will work, and I think I will have to go back on Friday).  We have a family-friend pediatrician who actually saw me yesterday afternoon and immediately referred me to a wonderful dermatologist, who saw me after hours.  I was thanking everyone I laid eyes on because I was so grateful.  I feel relieved to finally be seen by people I know and trust, so hopefully things will get worked out soon.

There is the week so far.  We are having fun, and, in fact, Ada is out at Ann's house right now, and John and I are headed that way as soon as he wakes up.  

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Margaret said...

I always love to read about your visits home (yes I've been reading that long :) ). Cousins are so special and fun!