Monday, April 4, 2011

Thankful. #s 29-39

And it's Monday again, and I am still counting all the ways that God gifts me every single day. 

29.  Sunshine.  Glorious sunshine.
30.  Hay on the leveled empty lot beside our house.  Does this mean grass?  (did I list this last week?)
31.  John eating all of his peanut butter and banana sandwich at lunch time.  That's one fruit in!!  (one piece of banana fell out of his sandwich onto his tray.  He wouldn't touch it; that crazy boy)
32.  Blogging that allows me to get so many great ideas from so many other moms.
33.  Friends continuing to carry our burdens--specifically the burden of a broken car.
34.  Very clear answers to prayers about my tutoring job.  I will be venturing out on my own, away from the company that I did work for.
35.  A Sunday afternoon spent with my Ada and dear friends from church, watching those beautiful dancers. 
36.  Ada praying today.  I have been praying that she would want to pray.  Today she did.
37.  Three nights of not lying down with Ada at bedtime.  Again, answered prayer.
38.  That God cares more about my good than my comfort. 
39.  The end of the day, Scott by my side. 

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joy said...

i love love love that you share your heart so openly and candidily!!! I love love love that as a mom facing so many similar battles that i can find encouragement from knowing i am not alone in my sin or battles with children...i think that they way you handled ada's bedtime is great. i am reading trusing God right now and what i read today talked about how yes we are commanded NOT to be anxious but we are also commanded in everything BY PRAYER and petition WITH THANKSGIVING to lay our requests before Him. Its sounds like that is exactly what you are doing!
Love YOU! praying now for you and ada and scott!